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Elliot’s first ambulance ride..

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Elliot had a series of seizures that lasted 30+ minutes on Weds. morning. It looked like one long seizure to me, as he was never responsive and there was very little break between them. We have video, yuck! He had another one about 6 weeks ago, which was not as complex, lasted about 15 min total, and he was somewhat responsive during that one. Ryan convinced me that he was sleeping with his eyes open during the first one, he has been known to sleep with one eye open and sleeps deeply, so it made sense at the time. On Weds. he took an ambulance ride to the ER, then again to CDH where we stayed overnight. They did an EEG on Weds. and an MRI on Thurs.

Elliot’s MRI showed a spot (each doc called it something different, one said scar tissue, one said sclerosis, blah blah, I’m going to request the records and see what the report actually says) in the same area of his brain that the EEG showed a slightly slower electrical pattern, so indeed *something* is going on, and it is causing partial-complex seizures. He’s had 2 instances, both early in the morning, which is when the brain shifts from sleep to wake, which can be a trigger. He also had a bout of diarrhea Weds. morning, and it’s entirely possible the dehydration could be the trigger for the seizure, or it could be totally unrelated. He does seem to have vomiting as a post-seizure symptom, though that could also be related to the different meds he was given in the ambulance and ER. Not knowing is so much fun!

The diagnosis is not epilepsy, at least not yet. We were offered meds to control them, and decided to wait and see. The neuro says that because his brain is still growing and changing very rapidly that he has a good chance of outgrowing them, right now he has a 50/50 chance for having another, and if he has another, the risk goes higher for it continuing. We’ve opted for now to wait and see, if he has another we will look closely at the medications, if he has none, we will be thankful. We do have a prescription for a med that will stop a seizure if he does have one again. I’m probably going to seek a second opinion as well, since I found the neuro patronizing, and his specialty is adhd/migraines, not seizures.

Elliot is clingy and whiny today, and we’re all tired, and all thankful for all the support and positive thoughts and prayers that were tossed our way via FB and email the last few days.

Lions and tigers and babies, oh my!

Friday, December 17th, 2010

I’m going to put 2 posts in, the first is to announce that on my lap sits a 2.5 month old baby. His name is Reed Reiley Wilkins, and he was born at home on 10/2/10 at 11:11 pm. His birth was fast and furious, and we called him Cannonball until we found a name that fit his grand entry to the world.

He had a posterior tongue tie and tight labial frenum, so we had both cut by laser at the dentist, it was a quick and mostly easy clip, and it took until he was 7 weeks old for him to be able to nurse without causing me pain. I now understand how easy it is for some mothers to stop breastfeeding when there are pain issues. We’re still working on nursing in bed, but he’s starting to get the hang of it, especially that last nursing in the morning around 6, where he’s rested and has energy. Nursing to bed while side lying is not something he can do yet. I hope in time he will get the hang of it so I can get more rest.

In other fun news, Ryan’s last day of work with MFC was on 10/4, our 7th anniversary. He’s in the process of creating his own company now. Fingers crossed he’s wildly successful and has too much work and has to turn people down.

I keep saying I’m going to try to post more, but then I get distracted. The kids are involved this year in a homeschool co-op where they have fine arts classes. Elliot and Reed and I are taking a music class that is very similar to Kindermusic. Lauren is taking a ballet/tap class and a modified Suzuki violin class. She seems to really enjoy the music.

We’re also running out of space. We either need to purge half of our lives or find a bigger place to live. I’d like to do both!

Where has the time gone?

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Wow, it’s been nearly a year since I posted anything here. Oops!

Lauren is now five and a HALF and has a best friend (who has given her a “best friend” necklace) that lives just around the corner from us. Elliot is nearly 3.5 and highly dangerous with his mad skills.

Lauren learned to ride a two wheeler without training wheels this summer, and how to swim under water for short distances as well. She tries to do crawl stroke but can’t get her arms out of the water. Elliot is a climber and jumper and daredevil, and speeds around on his trike. I am pregnant, due in the fall, and we’re pretty excited about that. What else is there to tell?

Really cool bike!

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Follow the link and enter too! What fun we could have with one of these in our garage. I might even convince Ryan to sell his car.

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

We’re home! We’ve been celebrating Christmas for a week, and I think the kids are going to need to start a 12 step detox program tomorrow. I seriously fear the look of sadness on Lauren’s face tomorrow when there isn’t anything to open under the tree.

We had a nice week of visiting family and friends, and we avoided a major snow and ice storm here, as well as one in Cleveland, by our excellent plans (LOL) to travel. It’s raining like mad now, but I think the snow will be back before the end of the week.

So… a fast holiday recap:

We headed to Ohio on Monday, arrived after dinner, played with Nonno and Nonna, and headed to bed.

Tuesday we hung out and didn’t do much of anything, played with Gella and Evie, ran a few easy errands, dropped off some stuff, and lounged on the sofas.

Weds. we headed to Other Nonnie’s house for lunch, and played there all afternoon. She made us spaghetti and let the kids have icecream. From there we went to Grandma’s house for dinner with Ryan’s family (Grandma, Aunt Lala, Great Grandma and Grandpa, and Grandma Fitz), celebrated Grandma Fitz’s birthday, exchanged gifts, and ate cake. Big hits of the night – Lauren got a puzzle she loves, and some dolls (her dollhouse is coming in a few weeks for her birthday, watch for that important update), and Elliot is just enamored with his new airplane.

When we got home on Weds. night there were 2 big boxes at the house waiting for us – gifts from Todd and Jen had somehow traveled from Tel Aviv to my mom’s house! (Thanks guys, the gift cards rocked!) Elliot is the proud new owner of a ukulele and Lauren has a guitar.

Christmas morning they couldn’t wait, they really were excited to find more boxes wrapped in colorful paper. Nonno and Nonna gave the kids books, and Lauren got a fancy princess dress up dress, while Elliot scored this awesome truck that is just big enough to sit in and let Lauren push him around the house.

Other Nonnie gave Lauren a new chair and Candy Land, which she promptly figured out how to manipulate her parents while playing so that she’s guaranteed to win. Elliot got some more cars and trucks, smaller ones that he can play on the floor with.

THEN… Aunt Cole, Uncle John, Gella and Evie came over… and we started round 20394823049 of gift giving. A HUGE bag of art supplies for Lauren, and even more cars and trucks and airplanes (little wooden ones) for Elliot, I think we have enough cars to transport most of Ohio to Chicago now.

Whew! That was busy. But we weren’t done! On Friday we packed up and ran errands and took care of some business, stopped to have lunch and playtime with the Anholds, and headed for home. We got home at bedtime, but of course some magical entity made sure there were gifts under our tree when we returned home. Giant building blocks for the kids, a helicopter and bus for Elliot, wooden blocks for Lauren, some educational games and puzzles, and a GIANT ball for Elliot, and a bunch of finger puppets for Lauren, we were out of boxes to open.

Ryan got Lisa a Tomtom GPS, and Lisa got Ryan a toy for his phone, a geek t-shirt, and a few other little things. The kids, they love their dad so much that they each got him a bottle of Baileys and some Baileys glasses to match, and a tea kettle for me.

Poor Zoe, she got a long car ride, some hugs, and a cookie. She’s been on the naughty list this year.

Finally, bedtime! Elliot begged to go to bed last night, and Lauren didn’t want to. She left a bag of carrots out for Santa’s reindeer, and Santa threw the yucky ones in our trash, but took the rest. He also left some remote control cars next to a partially eaten cookie for the kids – a police cruiser and a red sports car, complete with batteries and ready to go. Elliot found them this morning when he woke up, and Lauren was excited to play with hers.

Merry Christmas! And Thank you! The kids are so thrilled with their gifts this year, and I’m so happy to have fun toys to play with too!!


Thursday, November 6th, 2008

You know your children love cosleeping when they climb into the bed at IKEA with their friends and snuggle right up like we do at bedtime.

Lauren and her buddy Chase tried out at least 6 beds in the kids section last week, after getting tired of playing with the toys. Lauren also tucked stuffed animals into beds and covered them carefully so they would have a warm place to sleep.

Turtles and Peanuts

Friday, September 26th, 2008

This week has been really busy with appointments and getting caught up with lots of stuff after being gone for a week.

Lauren had an appointment with the allergist – the primary purpose was to retest her for peanut allergies, and I think our pediatrician referred us to the dumbest allergist ever. Or maybe she is just a drug pusher. Either way, we won’t be going back to her again.

Lauren’s appointment went well, they did a skin test for peanuts which came back with a much less significant welt than it did when she was a toddler. This is good – this means that while she does still have some sort of peanut allergy, it’s not nearly as severe as it could have been/was. She whined the whole time about how her back itched, but we read books and sucked on suckers and all was good.

Ryan was home with Elliot that day, and of course, as luck would have it, every project he was working on in the last few weeks had some sort of emergency he needed to fix right away while on the phone while trying to keep Elliot from screaming.

They also ordered a blood test for Lauren, and I guess little kids have issues with giving blood, because the phlebotomist showed up with a “friend” to help her restrain Lauren to do the draw. I asked them to let me hold her, and she sat calmly on my lap, unrestrained (I didn’t even hold her other arm) while extending her lovely vampire-friendly veins (she got those from me) for her draw. She even remembered to keep her hand in a fist the whole time. The best part, “Look mama, my big red blood goes wooo-wooo-ooooh around the tube into the bottle!”

That’s my girl!

Oh, and she’s 42″ tall and 35.5# if anyone is keeping stats.

The next day was Elliot’s turn, he had his 18 month checkup a little late (seems we always do them a little late…). As usual his head is gigantic, 99.5%ile, and he’s 32.5″ tall and 26#. Nothing new and exciting for him, though his pedi recommended we consider getting his vision tested in the next few months. I have to find out more about that first.

We also found a turtle walking in the street yesterday, just walking along without a care in the world. I picked him up and put him in the car with us, and took him on some errands. Lauren says, “He didn’t look with his eyes,” meaning that he didn’t look both ways for cars before trying to cross the street, “and he might get squished!”

We took him along to the store, post office, and around the neighborhood before putting him down in the grass across the street and chasing him back to the pond. He swam away when he realized he was back to the lake.

Too busy to blog?

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

We’ve been pretty busy. Ryan’s been traveling to Yuma, AZ a LOT in the last few months for work on a project. If all goes well his last trip there for a while will start this week and end 10/4. Yes, he gets to celebrate our 5th anniversary by flying half way across the country on a plane. MFC hired another “new guy” to do the work downtown that Ryan finds the least enjoyable (well the work is fun, some of the people not so fun) and hopefully he works out better than the last “new guy” who only lasted a few months before being banned from the building dowtown.

We were just in Ohio to celebrate with Nic’s family – a kitchen shower – as John and Nic are planning to be married on 10/11 in Florida. Unfortunately, we, like many other people in both families, won’t be able to make the trip with them, as much fun as it sounds. Aunt Jean passed away as well, so we stayed long enough to attend her funeral service and see our extended family that we never get to see.

Lauren is struggling with school this year – I think she’s really upset with all the kids who are upset that their moms left. There are 19 kids in her class, a teacher and an aide, and a temporary aide to help get through the first weeks of school as well. Of the 19 kids, at least 6 of them scream hysterically for their mom when they are dropped off. The school policy is to “say goodbye and leave quickly” and then let them deal with the kids, which I am in total disagreement with. Essentially they are promoting letting small (3 yr old) children feel abandoned by the only parent who has taken care of them full time since birth so that they can “get comfortable” with a new caregiver in a strange situation with strange people. Bad idea. And Lauren understands that too. Last year when she started school I would stay with her as long as she needed – the first day we went in when there were no kids there just to check out the space. The second day I stayed for a while, but she said I could go as long as I waited in the hall. Day 3 she let me go pretty quickly, and after that she barely had time to kiss me goodbye when I dropped her off.

This year started much the same way – we went in and played in the classroom with the other children, teachers, and parents for about an hour, then the next day she was just fine – asked me to wait in the hall for 2.5 hrs (Elliot and I went grocery shopping and to the library instead) and was happy as a clam. Day 3 she was fine, day 4 she woke up saying she didn’t want to go to school. I spent 20 minutes that day transitioning her into class, and she reluctantly let me leave. At the end of class that day she said she didn’t like school anymore. We took last week off, secretly I hope the sad kids are doing much better on Tuesday when we go back to school. If they are still screaming and crying, and it’s distressing to her, I’m considering just removing her from school for the year. She doesn’t really need it, though I do enjoy the break, and really, in the long run, I’m not sure that I want her to learn what they are teaching this month – rule following, immediate obedience, and standing in line – all great preparation for the public school environment, all very conforming.

Elliot is making words and signs all the time now, though I don’t understand him most of the time. He’s also BIG – taller than Lauren was at 2, and about 8 lbs lighter than she is now. He’s insisting on doing short sets of stairs standing and holding a rail, and is obsessed with this great gear game we have and anything with wheels. He frequently commandeers strollers from unsuspecting mothers at the playground.

We’re also dogsitting for Greg, which has made it interesting around here, Willie barks at anything and everything – all day long – which gets Zoe barking, and then all the dogs on the street bark all day. And on our street of 10 homes, I think 8 have dogs.

Carl the Dog

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Lauren asked me to read a book to her, and she handed me “Good Boy, Carl” from the shelf. I opened it and was ready to read when she yelled at me to “No no, ask me the questions!” which after a little negotiation and questioning, I realized meant she wanted me to prompt her to tell me the story, since it is a picture book and she can “read” every word.

So, page 1, the title page…

Me: who’s this?
L: That’s Waldron (she pointed to Carl)
Me: and who is the baby?
L: That’s Elliot in the red shirt (he is wearing red today)
*turn page*
L: See Waldron runs out of the room and goes and gets the baby out of his cage.
Me: and then what?
L: The baby climbs out of the cage and hugs the dog for saving him.
Me: Why was the baby in the cage?
L: Because the mean mama put him in there.
Me: What is he doing in there?
L: He’s crying and being sad. The dog makes him happy though.
Me: Oh. What else?
L: They go make a big mess in the house and eat milk and salami and cookies.
Me: What happens next?
L: The Waldron licks the Elliot baby and makes him swim with the fishies.
Me: Oh that’s fun, that’s like a big pool.
L: No mama, it’s a FISH BOWL and smells yucky.
Me: ah, what else?
L: The dog makes the baby go in his cage and cleans the house fast so mama doesn’t see it.
Me: and what else happens?
L: The end!
*throws book back on shelf*


Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

A tornado came through town on Monday night, and it took out a bunch of houses across the pond from us. Scarily close. There were no sirens, nada, just a crying Lauren because the thunder was too loud during the storm.

Let’s try this google thing and see if it works…

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

We live at the end of Spring Ct, where the little A points. SE across the pond (err, I mean lake) is a sand volleyball court, shown as a little gray square. The row of condos to the east of the court and the ones south of that were hit, some of them even picked up from the foundation. A few are flagged and the owners are not allowed to enter.

Let’s see if that linky works on google maps.