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The aliens have stolen my children.

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

It’s literally been since they woke up this morning. It’s starting to scare me a little. Or a lot.

This morning they both woke up in a good mood, and both made themselves breakfast (cereal) and cleaned up their dishes too. Then they asked to stay home instead of going to the park where their friends were. They played nicely all day, and only once asked for video/computer time, and when I asked about the park again, they said they really wanted to stay home today.

Lauren didn’t balk at any of my requests today – to pick up a dish on the floor that I knew wasn’t hers, to pick up the play-doh, to run to the basement and grab a few things from me from the pantry, etc. And she did “responsible” stuff too – like put the hairbrush away w/o a prompt (she always leaves it on the living room floor), sharing a snack with Elliot that she made, and put away some of their toys w/o any reminder.

And then when they bathed, they didn’t hose off my bathroom floor, they asked for clothing (they are always naked) and they let me take a 30 min. “nap” in the afternoon. When I got up, Elliot was sleeping (and still wearing his clothes!), and Lauren was playing quietly.

I swear these are aliens and my kids must be somewhere else being held captive!

——————- an hour later ——————–

And the aliens have returned my children. On my way home from Chrissy’s house (dropped off dinner, they have a new baby) I stopped to visit with Sherry (across the street) for a minute, and got home to find my previously calm and clothed children mostly nude and having a guacamole fight. Now they are throwing play-doh containers at each other.

Welcome back to normal.


Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Elliot just had a conversation with his penis. He was sitting at the opposite end of the couch from me and looked down and went, “penis? peeeeniiisss?”

It didn’t answer him, so he grabbed it and said louder, “penis? PENIS!” then he yelled twice, “penis, peeenissss, don’t go dat, penis!” and then “daddy? daddy penis? PENIS!??!”

I asked him if he was talking to his penis and he said, “my penis, mine, no penis mama”

Oh if only I had a video camera built in to my glasses or something.

Care of Magical Creatures

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

we have one of these
it roars and opens/closes mouth, turns head

So yesterday the kids had the dinosaur in the basement, I think they were trying to dress it up or bounce it on the trampoline.

This morning Elliot was downstairs, found it, and was bringing it back up, yelling “dista! scare ew! heeelp!” (sister, scare you, help), as in, Lauren, this damn dino is heavy, and I can’t say dinosaur, so it’s a “scare you” and will you help me drag it up?

He managed to get it up here on his own. And turned it over and said, “hi butt! scare you butt!” to it.

Then threw it down the basement (carpeted) stairs, “ut oh! hurt! scare ew hurt! hurt, ut oh!” and ran down to check on it. “ew kay?”

I can’t find my camera.

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

I was just noticing that there aren’t any pictures on here in the last few months. Matter of fact, there are no pictures of my kids in the last few months, except for a few that my mom took of them at Christmas. I can’t find my camera. I did find my camera before Christmas but the battery was dead and I couldn’t find the charger. I finally found the charger yesterday, but now have no idea what I did with the camera.

So children, I apologize, for missing Lauren’s 4th birthday, for missing a huge chunk of your lives. You are having fun and growing and look adorable, I promise.

And yes, Lauren is 4! She is already telling everyone, “I’m going to be 5!” now. On her birthday (it was a Sunday) we made farble mudge cake and invited our favorite neighbors from across the street to come over for lunch. We served big bowls of chili, Lauren helped me make the cake and cornbread, and Elliot fell asleep in his chair at the table, with food on his face.

Mommy and Daddy gave Lauren a dollhouse, and Elliot and Zoe provided some furniture for it – Elliot, the kids bedroom (bunkbeds, etc.) and Zoe, the kitchen (her favorite place in our house too).

It’s been a big hit with the boys in our playgroup, they gravitate toward it every time they are here.

To really celebrate Lauren’s birthday, we had a “party” on a regular playgroup day/time. We invited our entire playgroup to join us, but to not bring gifts, as we have far too many toys here already. If they really wanted to bring a gift, I asked them to make her a card instead, which she thought was really neat after getting email cards from her cousins Patrick and Scott.

I guess I should mention that our playgroup is over 100 families big, and spans an entire county and beyond. Fortunately, only about 12 responded that they were coming. *whew* So on Monday Lauren and I headed to the store to buy supplies – we had promised lunch to our friends for the party. We bought a ton of pita bread and pizza toppings, and the kids had a blast building their own pizzas and eating them. The moms enjoyed it too. And Lauren and I made 48 cupcakes, 30 of which were literally inhaled in moments by the kids. In total we had 19 kids in our tiny house (ages 1-7.5) for 4+ hrs. and nobody got hurt, nobody had a terrible fight over a toy, and they left the moms alone to talk upstairs most of the time. I LOVE our playgroup.

Elliot’s birthday is coming in 2 weeks, and while he doesn’t really get it, Lauren is terribly upset because it means that her birthday is over. She’s insisting that it’s still her birthday (and she insisted it was STILL Christmas until recently, though she will tell you it’s still Christmas because we still have snow on the ground), and that brother can’t have a birthday. I think really it’s because she knows her Other Nonnie and Grandma have gifts for her in Ohio and she wants to open them. Only thing is, we won’t be going to Ohio until after Elliot’s birthday. Can’t wait to see how she processes that one.

In other news, our lease is up in April and we’re starting to watch the housing market. Ryan’s #1 priority is to live somewhere “where we won’t get shot” after watching kids running in the street with guns in our Chicago abode. I’m fairly sure that we’re not going to even consider moving back downtown as his office is a 30 min. drive WEST of where we live right now and we’re about an hour drive west-northwest of downtown. His #2 priority is being able to bike to work, which limits us to a 6 mile radius around his office and that limits us to about 4 towns in the area. 3 of them are in the next county. Which is good, it’s lower taxes, but bad in that it’s further west yet again, and it already takes 6 hrs to drive home. Or maybe his #2 is having internet access. Either way it’s important.

So, housing considerations. 3 bedrooms, 2 car garage, 1.5 baths. Air conditioning, dishwasher, usable basement or rec room. Those are the important parts. Bonus points for an attached garage, fenced yard, nice neighbors.

I hate browsing houses (we’ve been driving past for curb appeal and neighborhood feel) when it’s so cold out – I’d much rather see the neighborhood in action on a summer weekend to feel it out. More later on the house hunt. Of course we’re just starting now, so this could go on for the next year.

I’m on the homeschooling team now.

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Had to share this Lauren gem.

On Monday we finally went over to the preschool to do the paperwork required to withdraw her. And the week before that I had called to tell them I was going to take her out, and would someone please get her epipen from the classroom because it was extremely likely that I wasn’t going to be able to show up at the start/end of any classes, and I didn’t want to disrupt the teacher’s lunch OR any classes when I did get there.

SO of course the epipen wasn’t there, it was still in the class. And the desk lady, rather than let me walk over to the door and get it, CALLED (the door is like 10′ from the office window) on the phone to the class, talked to the assistant, who talked to the teacher, who said she’d bring it out to me at the office.

So we waited at the office window, and Lauren was playing near me, and the door opened and Lauren saw the teacher and RAN and hid behind me. Not silly or flirty or anything, but scared. I reassured her and told her she could say hi to the teacher, the teacher said hi to her and gave me the epipen, but Lauren didn’t say hi back. Then…

“My mommy says I ever ever never have to go to school again in my life! GOODBYE!”

*giggle* I’m proud of her. I wonder if she’ll consider online classes for college.

Hey! You broke my hair!

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

It’s been a while since I last posted. Elliot is now 3.5 months old, and Lauren is 28 months. I have been cutting her hair every month or two (usually in the bathtub) and today I trimmed up the back while she stood on the bathroom counter. At one point she looked down and saw a chunk of cut hair on the counter, and looked at me with big eyes and said, “Hey! You broke my hair!”

In other news, we spent the last 2 weeks traveling all over. On Weds. 5/16 I decided to try to do the 6 hrs. drive from Chicago to Cleveland without Ryan to help me. It was Elliot’s first long trip (actually his first car ride over 45 min.) and we left early in the morning to take advantage of his sleepy morning habit. We made it all the way to the Indiana/Ohio border before he was really mad, and we stopped for a break (frozen treats and jelly beans for Lauren) before doing the last half of the trip. We stopped a lot more often after that.

We visited with family and friends, and Ryan flew in on Friday night. We also rented a dumpster to attempt to clean out the house of all the things (many left by previous owners) so that we can possibly get it on the market sooner than later. We put a lot of stuff in that dumpster over the weekend!

On Monday Ryan left for California for training, on Tuesday Lisa, Lauren and Elliot flew to Florida to visit with Heidi, Iris and Martin, and on Thursday Frank and Gloria came down to Florida too, but they were staying with Granny. Friday Ryan returned to Cleveland, and Sunday Lisa and the kids went to Granny’s before flying home late on Sunday night with Nono and Nonnie.

If you’ve followed so far, then it’s no big surprise that we all drove back to Chicago (Zoe too!) on Monday afternoon. BUSY!

Lauren had a blast in Florida, we swam a lot, went to the beach a few times, and played with friends! Plenty of activity and new toys and foods and more, and it was a very welcome change of pace for me as well.

Ryan had dinner with an internet friend of mine out in the SF Bay area, and has come home full of interesting thoughts on the educational system in our country and how the system isn’t a great idea for kids like him (and probably Lauren). More thoughts on that later.

Elliot is 2 months old!

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

We visited a new doctor (family practice this time) for Elliot’s 2 month checkup. He was a few days older than 2 months, but not quite 9 weeks old, and he is a whopper.

He weighed in at 15 lbs and 2 oz, and just about 25″ long. By manipulating data from WHO and the growth charts, he will likely be over 25 lbs before he turns 1. Even better than that, he’s going to be at least 6’2″ as an adult. We’ll see how accurate those charts are in about 18 yrs. :)

MILK – it doesn’t do Lauren’s body good

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Our house has been dairy, soy, and peanut free for a long time, with the exception of cheese and ice cream that Ryan keeps hidden in the fridge. I made Lauren some soup for lunch two days ago – creamy tomato from Trader Joe’s, which was moved here from Ohio in a box, and we’ve had for a long time on the shelf. Since everything in the house is dairy free, I didn’t check the package ingredients. We’ve had creamy tomato soup before that is dairy free, though it was a different brand.

In any case, this creamy tomato soup is a milk based soup. Heated, with some veggies and noodles for Lauren, she had maybe 3 bites of it before I realized the problem and stole her bowl back (which made her rather angry I might add!). So in total, maybe 1 tsp. of milk-based tomato soup. And within a few hours she was telling me her stomach hurt, after dinner she had terrible gas, the type that makes frat boys proud. The next morning she had a foul diaper that Ryan described as “just not right” when he cleaned her up. She has also been having terrible behavior issues – hitting, screaming, unable to nap, restless at night, etc.

It’s not been a fun couple of days here. She hasn’t had any dairy exposure since she climbed up on Nona’s table and had a finger full of “yummy that ice cream good!” soft butter from the butter dish. People keep asking me when I’m going to give her milk, telling me that she must have outgrown it by now, but honestly, if a tiny bit of milk-based soup makes her have abnormal bowel movements, stomach ache, and behavior and sleep problems, why would I even think of giving her some milk in a glass?

Been busy!

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

We’re getting out and about and around the town. Lauren has a new haircut and a new baby sling, she does this adorable little bounce dance when she has Rabbit in the sling to help him sleep and be quiet.

We’ve also made our travel plans for Easter. It looks like we will all be in Ohio from the Friday night before Easter and staying for the entire week after Easter. Like a mini Spring break, except it’ll probably snow and we plan on spending the time cleaning and painting the house.

Lauren loves chocolate coconut pudding – it’s dairy free, and I let her shovel it down when I have the time to find more coconuts to make it. Elliot is gaining weight like a pro, he’s at least 13.5 lbs at only a month.

See you soon!


Friday, March 16th, 2007

Ella and Elliot haven’t met yet, but we had to compare them anyway. Looks like he’s a bruiser!

The stats: she is 10 days younger (2/24/07), she was 36 weeks gestation, 6 lb 13 oz at birth. He is 10 days older (2/14/07), 41 weeks gestation, 9 lb 10 oz at birth. In this picture (taken the same day) she is abotu 8 lbs, he is about 13.5. Steel cage match anyone?