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Tuesday, August 31st, 2004

I’m not real enamered with our current Republican President, and I’m not real enamered with our Democratic Presidential hopeful. Sure, there are pros and cons to both parties. When it comes down to it, there just isn’t any good candidate for me. What there needs to be is an additional option on the presidential ballot for people that don’t care about either party. Something like “None of the above” would work for me. It should be counted as an official option and reported as such but nothing done about it more than reporting it via the news media. The remaining votes after the “None of the above” votes have been removed would dictate who wins the presidency. It should drive home the point of what percentage of people are unhappy with any presidential choice. If nothing else it would be an interesting statistic and wouldn’t cost anything to implement. I’m tempted to refrain from voting for either candidate. I’m sure some people will ridicule me for that but it is a responsible choice after all. Not voting can be just as much of a responsible and informed choice over picking one of the candidates.

So enough of the politcal party bashing. It’s pointless. I’m guilty and so is just about everyone else. It accomplishes nothing and just pisses off people for no good reason. Of course some people don’t like to hear other people’s opinions which differ from their own, and that just leads to arguements and unfortunately shapes friendships. It seems that some people can’t seperate politics from friendship and that’s just too bad. I’ve been accused of craming political messages down peoples throats. Interesting, but wrong. The fact that I post these things on my blog on my website on my server on my bandwidth that I pay for with the money that I make from my job isn’t really cramming these feelings down peoples throats. The fact that people happen to read what I wrote and disagree with me is one thing, but it’s not cramming anything down their throats. Neither is discussing it in public. It’s discussion. Cramming it down someone’s throat would be getting in said person’s face and attacking them on their thoughts and beliefs. It would be spamming them with endless emails about why they are wrong, or otherwise harassing them on issues in which they believe. I’m no saint, but I’m not cramming things down peoples throats.

Ahh well, I have other things to do now.


Monday, August 30th, 2004

I posted something on 31-Jul-2004 that upset some people because of it’s inappropriate political content. If you were offened by that posting, I apologize. As you could tell, I was obviously upset. We all need outlets to release the pressures of stress and that was my outlet. In retrospect, it was not a wise thing to do. So it’s gone, and forgotten by me, and that’s that.