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More milestones…

Monday, August 29th, 2005

Well Lauren godzilla’d her way off the bed last week, which prompted me to come up with another safe sleeping arrangement for her. I made a big baby net to keep her in and of course the very same day she showed Ryan that she can crawl off the side of the bed feet first and land safely on the ground. Go figure.

In bigger news, today she decided it was a good morning to terrorize Zoe. She started on the floor, crawling after Zoe, who is very patient about letting Lauren pull on her toes and tail and will just get up and move away when she’s had enough torture. So today, Lauren followed Zoe, and Zoe tolerated another round of pulling and prodding and poking. Then she moved to the chair. Lauren followed, and pushed up to a tall kneel and got her fingers on Zoe again, and Zoe thought she was being smart, so she moved from the chair to the couch, which is significantly higher from the floor.

Lauren would not be eluded this time. She followed Zoe over to the couch, got up to a tall kneel, and could just barely reach the dog with her fingertips. So she got frustrated, and gave a big pull, and got herself into standing at the side of the couch.

She has pushed up on toys, people and boxes to get to standing before, but has never pulled up on anything to get to a kneel or standing. She was fairly impressed with herself and proceeded to pull at the dog for a few moments before letting go and realizing that she has absolutely no balance yet and fell to the floor. I’m sure she’ll be trying again another day soon.

Lauren can CRAWL

Friday, August 12th, 2005

Well she’s been up on hands and knees since the beginning of July. And rocking back and forth since my birthday. She also scooted off the bed on my birthday (nice gift!) and has been wiggling on her belly for some time. For a while she did the “snowplow” too – put her arms and head forward, and kick with her feet, and lunge this way a few times to get somewhere.

Last Sunday after we dropped Ryan off at the airport we went to visit my parents. And on their floor she chased a cat toy. She went at least 8′ alternating hands and legs and belly off the floor to get the toy, and then did it again when I rolled the toy away.

She can be enticed to crawl with car keys, shiny things, plastic (especially vinyl baby toys), things that sparkle or crinkle, and a sippy cup. She gets to drink water from a sippy with her medicine, and she’s getting really good at it.

She’s also really stable when sitting. She doesn’t know how to get to the floor other than falling over, but she is slowly learning how to fall and control it. Soon enough she’ll be pushing herself back up to play.

More food issues…

Friday, August 12th, 2005

Well things are going pretty well. Lauren is now a week away from being 7 months old, and is thriving on breastmilk as her food. She’s over 18# and the Prevacid seems to be working well for her.

Sad for me, she reacted to watermelon (had already reacted to cantaloupe, so this eliminates all melons for me now) and peanut butter. Reacting to peanut butter is a bad thing, we will have to watch her very carefully when we start giving it to her, and the suggestion is to wait until at least 3 years old before introducing nuts of any sort.

I met with a nutritionist to make sure I was getting everything I needed, and she gave me a few ideas of new things to try as well as some prepackaged convienence foods that I can eat as well. Generally I’m getting all the vitamins and minerals I need, so that’s a good thing.

We’re going to try pineapple soon. I love pineapple!