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Possessed or Just Two

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

At the moment there is a toddler with a purple playsilk over her head singing, “In the jungle lion sleeps to in jungle lions sleeeps toooooo” while she “rollerskates” on popcorn kernels. Now she’s singing, “got a friend in me, yes you do, got a friend in me, yes you do, you got a friend in me yes you do…”

I didn’t sleep very well last night, and Lauren woke up on the wrong side of the bed. We had a rough morning, and then went shopping just to get out of the house. We managed to stock up on Play-Doh and breathe some fresh air before coming home for lunch and a nap. In an effort to maintain my sanity we’ve watched TV and “cooked” some popcorn for a snack while watching Toy Story.

Oh yah, the popcorn kernels. That’s where I was going. While I was on the phone with someone from Toledo Children’s Hospital I heard this raining sound… and well, it was the sound of a beautiful fast rain, the kind that cleans cars and streets and makes me smile – until I realized it was popcorn. The entire tub, nearly 1/2 gallon, on the floor. Little tiny popcorn kernels… making little tiny raindrop sounds as they hit the floor and scattered all over.

And they are still on the floor. Why? Because it’s fun. Lauren is rollerskating, making little piles of them, sweeping them up with the broom, and probably scattering them to every corner so that we’ll be finding them for years to come. But that’s ok, because I’m really very tired and she’s really very busy without needing me for a few minutes.

Can I rent a maid and a nanny and take a nap now?

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

My baby is two years old today. We’ve called a lot of people on the phone today to sing Happy Birthday over and over again. We called Nonno, Nonnie, Nona, Uncle John, Cole, and they all sang to Lauren… even Uncle John sang from his desk at work. Mommy and Daddy can only sing it so many times before their jaws are too tired. Tonight we will call Grandma, Grandpa and Alanna, and hope they sing for us too!

This morning Lauren woke with a muffled “heewwwwwwwppppp” sound coming from her bedroom. When she finally got her door open, she had a baby doll in one arm, a stuffed dog in the other, and another dog hanging from her mouth. Apparently they were all too precious to put down to open the door. :)

So we’ve been having an “anything Lauren wants to do” day (within reason). We filled the bathtub with bubbles and played for a long time this morning, had “yellow juice” and applesauce (and eggs) for breakfast, went shopping with the kid size cart (thanks Daddy for showing her that one) at Trader Joe’s, had lunch and then an entire container of raspberries and some cookies for our snack. We’re currently watching “Toy Story” and torturing poor Zoe on the couch.

Mommy and Daddy gave Lauren a kitchen set in her bedroom (pictures soon!) and we’ve played with that a lot today too.

Dinner is just about ready, and it’s pizza night (sans cheese), followed by Farble Mudge cupcakes and fruit sorbet (raspberry I think), and Daddy will put Lauren to bed tonight.
You’re only two once!

Shedd Aquarium

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

I bought a membership to the aquarium this week, and this morning Lauren, Ryan and I took a trip to visit. The aquarium is literally straight up the road from here – if you take the main street that runs east-west as far as you can east until you hit Lake Michigan, you are at the aquarium. The #12 bus leaves from the corner and goes directly there, it takes about 15 minutes, and costs $2 for each adult. Lauren rides free (and gets in the aquarium free too!) and it was SO easy.

The first thing you see when you arrive is a pet turtle tank aquarium. It is a giant round tank with a sea turtle, tons of BIG fish, stingrays, and a green eel swimming around. It was feeding time when we got there, so we stood and watched the fish chow and a diver swim. Lauren was THRILLED. I think she could stand and watch the fish for days if we let her. We also toured one of the smaller wings, the Komodo Dragon (and other lizards) special display that is only there for a few more weeks, and watched the dolphin show. After the dolphins Lauren wanted to see the penguins, but once we got to their area, she was asking to go back on the bus. She was pretty darn tired, so we left, rode home, and had lunch and a nap.
Lauren talks to the sticky green lizard...

Draw a foot!

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

Lauren is coloring. She has crayons and a BIG piece of paper on the floor. She wants me to trace her foot on the paper. In the way only an “I am going to be 2 in 2 weeks” year old can throw a fit, she tantrums and demands I trace her foot. But she refuses to lift her feet from the paper, which requires her to carefully look around and plan her tantrum in the way only an “I am going to be 2 in 2 weeks” year old can.

Deliberately she threw herself down, but her feet stayed on the paper. She looked around before putting her head on the floor to make sure she didn’t hit it on anything. She yelled and tossed her crayons in two directions, and looked to make sure they weren’t too far away. And her feet stayed on the paper. Finally she rolled around and thrashed about, and her feet stayed on that paper.

We draw hundreds of hands and feet on paper a day. I’m sure this foot will be drawn too.