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Elliot the Huge

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

We went to the doctor today, just for a check-up. Elliot weighs in at 17 lbs (Lauren was at least 5 months before nearing 17 lbs) and 27.5″ long. He’s 95% in those, and as usual, his head circumference is off the charts.

This week the construction guys broke ground on the new fire station across the empty lot from our south windows. Today I introduced Lauren to the fun of standing at the window watching the diggers and trucks do their work. She watched for a while when I made lunch, and then the workers took their lunch break and the diggers were “sleeping” for a while. She just went to check on them now, and is yelling, “Look, she wake up! She dig more! Hellloooo wake up digger!” out the window.

Red #40

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Last week Lauren had a reaction to Gatorade. Who would think that a “helpful” thing like Gatorade would hurt my baby? The particular bottle that Lauren drank had Red #40, Yellow 6, and brominated vegetable oil in it. One or more of these things triggered a horrible reaction and made for a very long night for us.

I had a hunch that she reacted to one of these things before, as she had a really bad day when I let her drink Hawaiian Punch once. Lots of tantrums and screaming and aggression, things that usually aren’t a problem in our home.

So for the time being, add all artificial colors and flavors to the list of things that Lauren won’t be eating.

Monday, June 4th, 2007