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Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Well Lauren tried to put on her costume and instead decided she didn’t want to wear it, so we’ll try again next year.

In the meantime, Elliot had his first bath with Lauren and he had a blast. Where did my little baby go?

More later. The current news…

We’re going to IKEA tomorrow for a babywearing meeting (and lunch and shopping with friends from the meeting). It’s so cool to live near two IKEA stores!

We’re getting keys to our new place tomorrow too. We’re moving to a little town called Bloomingdale, it’s west of O’Hare and closer to the “other” office for Ryan. He’ll have one heck of a bad commute back into the city most days but hopefully he won’t be working in the city past 1/1/08.

I almost got arrested the other night when I picked him up from the airport. Long story, dumb cop. Good news is they let me go.

Our new place is a 2 bedroom condo with a full basement that’s finished – playroom! I can’t wait. I’m actually a little giddy about it.

More later, it’s time for bed.