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It’s not nice to hit girls…

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

But what are you supposed to do when the girl beats you up?

These are older pics, I think from October. Poor Elliot. See, he’s playing nicely with his younger cousin Gabriella.

She gets a little aggressive by pulling on his shirt and taking his toys.

He managed to defend his toy for a little bit.

He even managed to deflect a kiss. Ew, girl germs.

It wasn’t a kiss! She bit him! Bad girl!

Ow! That hurt! Mom!

Life, Death and Turkey

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Well we’ve been gone for 10 days, visiting Ohio for Thanksgiving. It was exhausting and crazy and a little bit of fun tossed in to keep me busy.

We arrived at Mom’s on Friday night, just in time to play a little and go to bed. On Saturday I ran errands (kids resale, Mary’s for shoes, etc.) and did generally boring things. Nic and Gabs slept over, as did Evie. Same with Sunday, we just hung out and played with family.

On Sunday night Lauren puked roast beef and potato dinner in the bed. Gross.

Mom took Elliot, I stripped down Lauren, the bed, and myself, and we all got in the shower. Dad got home from his weekend in Cinci just in time to rescue a shrieking screaming Lauren from the shower. Predigested food mashed into hair is NOT a fun thing to wash out. She continued to puke all night long. I got really good at flipping her gurgling self over onto a towel or blanket, wiping her down and getting us back to bed between nursing Elliot and trying to sleep. Monday was a long, mostly quiet, day.

On Monday night I went to the DFB meeting and found out that a bunch of my friends are pregnant. Spring and summer are going to be full of new babies in our group. And then Monday night Elliot puked. Oh joy. Tuesday Lauren started pooping. You see how my week is shaping up, eh? Thankfully my dad was in the right groove, and he managed to keep one load of laundry ahead of me all night every night, there was a constant stream of clean towels and sheets and blankets coming my way.

Ryan arrived on Tuesday night, and on Weds. morning he discovered that Lauren didn’t quite make it to the bathroom, and we scrubbed our first carpet of this illness. Thank goodness for Turkey!

Thursday was chock full of family and food and more, and enough turkey to feed a small country or two.

On Friday we avoided going out, and did not shop. It was nice. Friday night I learned that my friend Laura passed away on Tuesday night or early Weds. and as of yet there is no known cause. She was 35, and a mother of two beautiful girls. We became friends while we were pregnant, her daughter Megan was born at 25 weeks gestation, a tiny itty bitty babe who has proven the world wrong countless times. Megan was due around Lauren’s birthday, and was born in October instead. She’s three now, and has wowed and amazed all her doctors – she’s “perfectly normal” – nobody can find one lasting problem from her super early birth. Kaitlyn is her older daughter, and is an intense girl, both of them are so full of life.

And I found out that on Weds. my chiropractor friend (Mama Allison, as she’s known to Lauren) gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Paisley, at home with her family and friends to support her. Her husband even blogged about it as it happened. On Tuesday Lauren told me that Allison had “nice milks” which is a good thing when you have a new baby to feed!

Lauren went bowling for the first time on Saturday, for Natalie’s 4th birthday, a princess party. She had a blast, and thankfully both kids seem to be over the crazy illness. Sunday rounded out our trip with breakfast with Doug and Donna, a quick visit with my ILs, and a long drive home in the wet rainy snow.

In other news, we’re back in Chicago now, in a new house full of boxes needing to be unpacked. I fear it’ll be weeks and months of unpacking. If we’re done by Christmas I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

We moved!

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

Yes folks, we’re once again suburbanites. One year in the big city and we’re out again. We now live in the Village of Bloomingdale, which is more west and a bit north of downtown Chicago by about 25 miles.

We had been living in the 2nd floor of a 3 flat, 2 bedroom 2 bath, 1000 sf apartment in the city, with street parking and high crime in the area. It was a nice little place with no storage and very little human contact, but it was also on the bus route to the museums, which is a wonderful wonderful thing when you have babies and kids to amuse.

We now are renting a 2 bedroom townhouse that is right on a hiking path around a pond, with a nearby pool and park, and a finished basement… which means TONS of storage and play space for the kids. It feels much nicer here. It’s very very quiet at night, and I don’t miss the 4am produce delivery trucks that rumbled past my window every day, or the firehouse construction across the street. We have a little patio in the front and another one in the back, and this great trail to walk on, and a garage and lots of parking and so much more.

I really did enjoy living in the city, and would have liked it a lot more if we had moved to a family friendly neighborhood instead of one that was just developed in an abandoned area of town. Ryan isn’t a city kid though, and the change in his attitude about life since we signed our lease is amazing. I don’t think he gave the city a fair shot either, but when you’re working full time and spending weekends in Ohio, it’s hard to really do that.

The kids are sleeping right now, which is why I’m able to type more than three sentences at once. When they wake up I might drag the stroller upstairs and take them on a walk around the pond. I understand it’s exactly a mile walk, which I would like to be in the habit of doing everyday.

Ryan is currently on one long trip – his parents were here to help us move this weekend, and they had to stop at O’Hare to get tickets to go home, but they were flying out of Midway. So he went from here to one airport and then to another, and then back to the city condo to get more stuff, and he’ll hopefully be back here soon. I think he needs to do one more trip tonight and hopefully we can figure out a way to get everything else out here before the cleaning lady comes on Tuesday.

I’ll post pictures soon. We need a little more furniture. Goodwill here I come!

Diaper Free TV!

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Yep, Elliot is a TV star. And it’s all gone to his head. Apparently I’m an “expert” on potty training now too!

More later, I’m trying to figure out how to save the video story.

It’s quiet in here. Really really quiet.

Monday, November 5th, 2007

Lauren and Elliot are both napping. Lauren went to sleep around 2, Elliot around 2:30, which means that either and both will likely be up VERY soon. But it also means that I’ve been able to read my email and knit and pack in quiet for well over an hour.

Packing is insane, mostly because Ryan seriously underestimates how much STUFF we have and Lauren likes to help a little too much. My biggest problem right now is lack of containers to pack things into. We’re using our suitcases, and our laundry baskets, and garbage bags for the clothing, and we have a few storage containers and boxes as well. I really think we’re going to need to empty these all out and start again, and then again.

Lauren is excited – Grandma and Papa are coming to visit us on Friday and help us move the furniture. We’ll spend Friday night here, move everything on Saturday morning, and sleep in our beds in the new place on Saturday night. Sunday is for unpacking and Monday is too.

Elliot is moving around now, not really crawling, but he does manage to get across the room pretty quickly. It’s a pull, flop, reach, push, pull, reach, flop type of movement, and then he can sit up, pivot around, and head the other way.

Lauren is very much into “test the rule” as all good toddlers do. If the rule is “markers are for paper” then she has to test that – “can I put the marker on my body?” NO. “How about on the floor?” NO. “The couch?” No. “This junk mail?” OK. “This mail that I think is junk but really isn’t?” NO. “How about this laptop?” NO. “This coloring book?” YES. And on and on and on we go all day long.

Aaaah learning is fun.

Why Homebirth?

Monday, November 5th, 2007

A Birth Analogy

Authors:- Jill Alderton & Jill Oliver (National Childbirth Trust – UK)
Home Birth Conference for Midwives, GP’s & Consultants

The lay person’s view:- Why women want a home birth

GP: Hello Mrs Smith, come in
Mrs. Smith: Hello Doctor

GP: And what can I do for you?

Mrs. Smith: Well doctor, my husband and I have been married for a while now, and we were thinking that we’d like to have sex.

GP: Yes, fine, I’ll arrange a referral to the local hospital, unless you particularly wanted to go to one of the others.

Mrs. Smith: Well, actually, we rather hoped to do it at home?

GP: Sex at home!! And this is your first time??

Mrs. Smith: Yes

GP: Well, I know it might all go fine, but first time in particular there can be unexpected problems. You’d be better off in hospital with the experts to keep a careful eye on you.

Mrs. Smith: That all sounds a bit off putting, surely its a natural event

GP: Yes, but things do go wrong and we don’t want to take any chances. In hospital there’s all the emergency equipment on hand – just in case it is needed

Mrs. Smith: It all sounds so clinical & the hospital beds are so high & narrow, not like our comfy bed at home. We won’t have much room for movement will we?

GP: Well you don’t have to use the bed in the early stages, but in the end, although people have these exotic ideas about different positions, most end up choosing the conventional position on the bed. It does give the medical staff the best possible view of what is happening.

Mrs. Smith: It sounds so different from what we had hoped for. We rather fancied being at home with soft background music, candles, a nice meal & a bottle of wine, you know, to help us relax.

GP: Well, you can enjoy those at home to start off with if you like; keep the meal light & go easy on the wine – too much alcohol can cause problems. You needn’t go into hospital until things are well on the way, after all it is only a short journey for you. In hospital, of course, you won’t be allowed to eat or drink, but then you won’t want to at that stage. As for candles, they would be a fire hazard. They’d probably set off the sprinklers!!

Mrs. Smith: Won’t transferring to hospital upset the flow of things??

GP: Maybe, but it will soon pick up again once you have settled in. The staff are very good at helping people to settle.

Mrs. Smith: Won’t having all those people around be rather inhibiting?

GP: Oh you needed worry about them, they’ve seen it all hundreds of times before. You won’t be showing them anything new. They won’t be embarrassed.

Mrs. Smith: But I will be!!!

GP: No, not really, once you get going you will be totally engrossed in what you are doing.

Mrs. Smith: Oh. I don’t know, I really imagined somewhere familiar & private for the first time; we have redecorated the bedroom especially, bought some lovely new sheets.

GP: Well you wouldn’t want to spoil them, now would you dear? It can be a rather messy business. Now look why don’t you go and talk this over with your husband and then both of you come back next week and see me again

Mrs. Smith: Oh all right then – if you think that is a good idea – Goodbye.