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Scissors and the 3 year old

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

Lauren gave herself bangs, and I have to say she did a pretty good job. She’s modeling Aunt Lala’s dress for you.

In other news, we hosted our first playgroup here and had a blast, and she and Ryan went sledding today.

Lauren is going to start preschool on Feb. 5 at the Park District. They have a playschool program – 16 kids age 2.5-3, a teacher, and an aide. She’ll go for two hours twice a week which will give me just enough time to do the grocery shopping with Elliot or maybe take a mommy and baby class at the center too. She’s going to take gymnastics on Wednesday mornings as well, so the 3 days in the middle of our week are pretty busy.

It’s Mommy!

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

Lauren has been drawing people and faces for a while, and I haven’t been very good at keeping track of them. Today she had an entire pad of these little folks all drawn up – pages and pages of my notebook. This one is me!

She pointed out my nose, eyes, mouth, and if you look closely you might see all of my toes too.


Friday, January 4th, 2008

Oh, Elliot cut one of those front teeth on Christmas, the other one is ready to pop any day now. Teething is hard work.

Christmas Review

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Well we’re mostly unpacked now. Mostly. I use the word mostly lightly because while I’ve washed some laundry and put away some stuff, we still have boxes from moving that haven’t been unpacked, and I’ve added some boxes from Christmas on top of that. :)

Lauren finally gets it, the magic of Christmas is hers. All the way down to the milk and cookies. And she had a “happy birthday Jesus Frosty the Snowman cake” to celebrate with.

We left Chicago on Saturday before Christmas in the afternoon, and drove right up until bedtime to get to my mom’s house. We stayed there, where there is one giant bed for all of us to share. Giant. As in a king + a double, and we all get our own sets of blankets. Lots of real estate.

On Christmas Eve we went to Grandma and Papa’s house for dinner with Grandma, Lala, and Great-grandma and Grandpa. We gave them some gifts and Lauren tried to unwrap everything under the tree. She had a great time snuggling with Grandma under a blanket and watching “The Polar Express” which I find to be a little creepy but Lauren and Ryan seem to love.

Grandma spoiled the kids with lots of good stuff – a Rody in red for the kids to share – Lauren calls him “Rody my red horse” and even snuggled with him under a blanket at my mom’s to watch a movie. Elliot understands what he’s for, and hangs on tight to those ears while wiggling just a bit to make him bounce.

Lauren LOVES her red ladybug boots too, though she managed to step in her first pile of doggie doo-doo while wearing them. Elliot is becoming a master of xylophone and will enjoy his new toy boat once we find it and put it in the tub.

Great-grandma and Grandpa gave Lauren a BIG box of art supplies and puzzles, and Elliot got a smashing toy (you know, the hammer meets the ball) which Lauren also enjoys ;)

On Christmas morning we had breakfast at my mom’s with Uncle John, Cole, Gabbe-ella, Nonna, Other Nonnie, and Nonno. The kids got books, a mini-trampoline, a toddler sized umbrella stroller for dolls, and more. I can’t even remember everything, but those are the highlights.

We went to Aunt Andrea’s house for the afternoon/evening with Ryan’s family.

We ended up staying (the kids and I) for 10 days, while Ryan drove back to Chicago on the 25th and worked Weds. to Friday. He drove back on Friday night to go to Debbie’s retirement party (surprise!) and we worked on the house for the rest of the weekend.

On New Year’s Eve we had Chinese take-out with my family, went to bed before 10 with the kids, and slept in. We packed up and headed out, had lunch with Debbie, Alanna, and Mary Lou, and drove though a crazy high wind snowstorm back to Chicago, arriving at 11:30 on the 1st.

Now that we’re done with the holiday, we are gearing up for birthdays. Lauren will be 3 in two weeks, and Elliot will be 1 next month. We’re going to do a joint birthday-baptism thing for him and Gabs on the Sunday between their birthdays. If you’re reading this, you are welcome to join us for the fun. Drop me an email for more info.

It’s Bambi!

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Lauren and I are sitting here drinking our post-nap tea (i.e. she woke up and I still have tea in my cup) and she just pointed at her mug and said, “Ooh look, it’s Bambi!”

She’s drinking out of a John Deere mug.

“See that reindeer? That’s a big Bambi. This one is a little Bambi. It’s hot tea, better be careful ok mama?”