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Yesterday was just plain awful…

Friday, July 18th, 2008

The good news:

- nobody died
- Lauren didn’t cut her hair again

The rest of my day:

I woke up around 5 with my eye throbbing, oh yes, my eyelid was inflamed and infected. Managed to get it under control enough to survive. The kids had their usual morning, we packed lunch and headed to the splash park. Ate lunch, and went to play, and realized that the park was just too busy with kids that were too big and too rough so we voted to go elsewhere.

Packed up my stuff, but managed to break my glasses into 3 pieces. Ugh. Thank goodness for sunglasses. Off to the “good” splashpark where you pay to get in, but your ticket stub buys a free kids meal at Panera across the street. Worth it, even if we can’t eat half of the kids meal.

The other park was great, we found a table under an umbrella, and even Elliot, Mr. I’m-afraid-of-noisy-water was in there, having a blast, and he took a nap in the stroller too. Woot! Friends came and more friends came and pretty soon we had a decent size playgroup going. Decided maybe it was time to eat, so we all packed up, gathered around in the pavilion, and I search (with super dark sunglasses on) for my wallet so it’s easy to find in the dark when we get to Panera. No, wallet can not be found. Dump bag upside down, shake shake, no wallet. And it’s not a small wallet, it’s a regular wallet in a bright red makeup case in my bright yellow pool bag. Hard to lose.

Called my friend Liz, who had already left with her kids, and asked her to check her bag for it since her son had pulled out the matching red epi-pen case when he was playing at the table.. hoping he had stuffed it in her bag at the same time. No, my wallet isn’t in her bag, and neither is hers. Hmm. This isn’t looking very good.

She comes back, we all search trashcans hoping that the person who took them just took cash and ditched them, but after checking all the trashcans within 200 yards of the park, we find nothing. Called the police too, to fill out a report, and sent Allegra’s husband to fetch dinner. He was a trooper – headed off with at least 10 tickets for free meals and a long list of orders – and came back with everything we ordered… except my dinner.

So we got our police reports done, packed our cars, ate dinner, let the kids play in the big sandbox (with water feature, whee!) and I sat on the phone canceling credit cards and bank cards. Thankfully I only carry the debit cards and one credit card with me, so it was pretty easy.

But ack, remember those super dark sunglasses? It’s now nearly 9, and pretty dark out, and there is no way I can safely drive home. So I scavenge around in Ryan’s car with two crying and exhausted kids for anything sticky enough to reattach the bridge of my glasses and the missing arm. Finally, after cursing my husband for being so clean with his wiring jobs (couldn’t find any electrical tape in there!) I found a bit of sticky gross old duct tape on the bottom of something, and I peeled it off. Formed a bit of a nose and arm on my glasses, and drove home in the dark.

Get home, both kids are sleeping, and there are 5 huge boxes on my porch from UPS that need to be moved inside, the dog needs fed, and Ryan is still at work.

Ah, it was a long and craptastic day.

On the agenda for today: new drivers license, new glasses, stop at the bank to withdraw cash the old fashioned way, and home to sort the huge order in those boxes from my porch. Tomorrow I drive half way to Cleveland to pick up Evie for a week long visit.