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Carl the Dog

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Lauren asked me to read a book to her, and she handed me “Good Boy, Carl” from the shelf. I opened it and was ready to read when she yelled at me to “No no, ask me the questions!” which after a little negotiation and questioning, I realized meant she wanted me to prompt her to tell me the story, since it is a picture book and she can “read” every word.

So, page 1, the title page…

Me: who’s this?
L: That’s Waldron (she pointed to Carl)
Me: and who is the baby?
L: That’s Elliot in the red shirt (he is wearing red today)
*turn page*
L: See Waldron runs out of the room and goes and gets the baby out of his cage.
Me: and then what?
L: The baby climbs out of the cage and hugs the dog for saving him.
Me: Why was the baby in the cage?
L: Because the mean mama put him in there.
Me: What is he doing in there?
L: He’s crying and being sad. The dog makes him happy though.
Me: Oh. What else?
L: They go make a big mess in the house and eat milk and salami and cookies.
Me: What happens next?
L: The Waldron licks the Elliot baby and makes him swim with the fishies.
Me: Oh that’s fun, that’s like a big pool.
L: No mama, it’s a FISH BOWL and smells yucky.
Me: ah, what else?
L: The dog makes the baby go in his cage and cleans the house fast so mama doesn’t see it.
Me: and what else happens?
L: The end!
*throws book back on shelf*


Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

A tornado came through town on Monday night, and it took out a bunch of houses across the pond from us. Scarily close. There were no sirens, nada, just a crying Lauren because the thunder was too loud during the storm.

Let’s try this google thing and see if it works…

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

We live at the end of Spring Ct, where the little A points. SE across the pond (err, I mean lake) is a sand volleyball court, shown as a little gray square. The row of condos to the east of the court and the ones south of that were hit, some of them even picked up from the foundation. A few are flagged and the owners are not allowed to enter.

Let’s see if that linky works on google maps.