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Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

We’re home! We’ve been celebrating Christmas for a week, and I think the kids are going to need to start a 12 step detox program tomorrow. I seriously fear the look of sadness on Lauren’s face tomorrow when there isn’t anything to open under the tree.

We had a nice week of visiting family and friends, and we avoided a major snow and ice storm here, as well as one in Cleveland, by our excellent plans (LOL) to travel. It’s raining like mad now, but I think the snow will be back before the end of the week.

So… a fast holiday recap:

We headed to Ohio on Monday, arrived after dinner, played with Nonno and Nonna, and headed to bed.

Tuesday we hung out and didn’t do much of anything, played with Gella and Evie, ran a few easy errands, dropped off some stuff, and lounged on the sofas.

Weds. we headed to Other Nonnie’s house for lunch, and played there all afternoon. She made us spaghetti and let the kids have icecream. From there we went to Grandma’s house for dinner with Ryan’s family (Grandma, Aunt Lala, Great Grandma and Grandpa, and Grandma Fitz), celebrated Grandma Fitz’s birthday, exchanged gifts, and ate cake. Big hits of the night – Lauren got a puzzle she loves, and some dolls (her dollhouse is coming in a few weeks for her birthday, watch for that important update), and Elliot is just enamored with his new airplane.

When we got home on Weds. night there were 2 big boxes at the house waiting for us – gifts from Todd and Jen had somehow traveled from Tel Aviv to my mom’s house! (Thanks guys, the gift cards rocked!) Elliot is the proud new owner of a ukulele and Lauren has a guitar.

Christmas morning they couldn’t wait, they really were excited to find more boxes wrapped in colorful paper. Nonno and Nonna gave the kids books, and Lauren got a fancy princess dress up dress, while Elliot scored this awesome truck that is just big enough to sit in and let Lauren push him around the house.

Other Nonnie gave Lauren a new chair and Candy Land, which she promptly figured out how to manipulate her parents while playing so that she’s guaranteed to win. Elliot got some more cars and trucks, smaller ones that he can play on the floor with.

THEN… Aunt Cole, Uncle John, Gella and Evie came over… and we started round 20394823049 of gift giving. A HUGE bag of art supplies for Lauren, and even more cars and trucks and airplanes (little wooden ones) for Elliot, I think we have enough cars to transport most of Ohio to Chicago now.

Whew! That was busy. But we weren’t done! On Friday we packed up and ran errands and took care of some business, stopped to have lunch and playtime with the Anholds, and headed for home. We got home at bedtime, but of course some magical entity made sure there were gifts under our tree when we returned home. Giant building blocks for the kids, a helicopter and bus for Elliot, wooden blocks for Lauren, some educational games and puzzles, and a GIANT ball for Elliot, and a bunch of finger puppets for Lauren, we were out of boxes to open.

Ryan got Lisa a Tomtom GPS, and Lisa got Ryan a toy for his phone, a geek t-shirt, and a few other little things. The kids, they love their dad so much that they each got him a bottle of Baileys and some Baileys glasses to match, and a tea kettle for me.

Poor Zoe, she got a long car ride, some hugs, and a cookie. She’s been on the naughty list this year.

Finally, bedtime! Elliot begged to go to bed last night, and Lauren didn’t want to. She left a bag of carrots out for Santa’s reindeer, and Santa threw the yucky ones in our trash, but took the rest. He also left some remote control cars next to a partially eaten cookie for the kids – a police cruiser and a red sports car, complete with batteries and ready to go. Elliot found them this morning when he woke up, and Lauren was excited to play with hers.

Merry Christmas! And Thank you! The kids are so thrilled with their gifts this year, and I’m so happy to have fun toys to play with too!!