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I can’t find my camera.

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

I was just noticing that there aren’t any pictures on here in the last few months. Matter of fact, there are no pictures of my kids in the last few months, except for a few that my mom took of them at Christmas. I can’t find my camera. I did find my camera before Christmas but the battery was dead and I couldn’t find the charger. I finally found the charger yesterday, but now have no idea what I did with the camera.

So children, I apologize, for missing Lauren’s 4th birthday, for missing a huge chunk of your lives. You are having fun and growing and look adorable, I promise.

And yes, Lauren is 4! She is already telling everyone, “I’m going to be 5!” now. On her birthday (it was a Sunday) we made farble mudge cake and invited our favorite neighbors from across the street to come over for lunch. We served big bowls of chili, Lauren helped me make the cake and cornbread, and Elliot fell asleep in his chair at the table, with food on his face.

Mommy and Daddy gave Lauren a dollhouse, and Elliot and Zoe provided some furniture for it – Elliot, the kids bedroom (bunkbeds, etc.) and Zoe, the kitchen (her favorite place in our house too).

It’s been a big hit with the boys in our playgroup, they gravitate toward it every time they are here.

To really celebrate Lauren’s birthday, we had a “party” on a regular playgroup day/time. We invited our entire playgroup to join us, but to not bring gifts, as we have far too many toys here already. If they really wanted to bring a gift, I asked them to make her a card instead, which she thought was really neat after getting email cards from her cousins Patrick and Scott.

I guess I should mention that our playgroup is over 100 families big, and spans an entire county and beyond. Fortunately, only about 12 responded that they were coming. *whew* So on Monday Lauren and I headed to the store to buy supplies – we had promised lunch to our friends for the party. We bought a ton of pita bread and pizza toppings, and the kids had a blast building their own pizzas and eating them. The moms enjoyed it too. And Lauren and I made 48 cupcakes, 30 of which were literally inhaled in moments by the kids. In total we had 19 kids in our tiny house (ages 1-7.5) for 4+ hrs. and nobody got hurt, nobody had a terrible fight over a toy, and they left the moms alone to talk upstairs most of the time. I LOVE our playgroup.

Elliot’s birthday is coming in 2 weeks, and while he doesn’t really get it, Lauren is terribly upset because it means that her birthday is over. She’s insisting that it’s still her birthday (and she insisted it was STILL Christmas until recently, though she will tell you it’s still Christmas because we still have snow on the ground), and that brother can’t have a birthday. I think really it’s because she knows her Other Nonnie and Grandma have gifts for her in Ohio and she wants to open them. Only thing is, we won’t be going to Ohio until after Elliot’s birthday. Can’t wait to see how she processes that one.

In other news, our lease is up in April and we’re starting to watch the housing market. Ryan’s #1 priority is to live somewhere “where we won’t get shot” after watching kids running in the street with guns in our Chicago abode. I’m fairly sure that we’re not going to even consider moving back downtown as his office is a 30 min. drive WEST of where we live right now and we’re about an hour drive west-northwest of downtown. His #2 priority is being able to bike to work, which limits us to a 6 mile radius around his office and that limits us to about 4 towns in the area. 3 of them are in the next county. Which is good, it’s lower taxes, but bad in that it’s further west yet again, and it already takes 6 hrs to drive home. Or maybe his #2 is having internet access. Either way it’s important.

So, housing considerations. 3 bedrooms, 2 car garage, 1.5 baths. Air conditioning, dishwasher, usable basement or rec room. Those are the important parts. Bonus points for an attached garage, fenced yard, nice neighbors.

I hate browsing houses (we’ve been driving past for curb appeal and neighborhood feel) when it’s so cold out – I’d much rather see the neighborhood in action on a summer weekend to feel it out. More later on the house hunt. Of course we’re just starting now, so this could go on for the next year.