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Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Elliot just had a conversation with his penis. He was sitting at the opposite end of the couch from me and looked down and went, “penis? peeeeniiisss?”

It didn’t answer him, so he grabbed it and said louder, “penis? PENIS!” then he yelled twice, “penis, peeenissss, don’t go dat, penis!” and then “daddy? daddy penis? PENIS!??!”

I asked him if he was talking to his penis and he said, “my penis, mine, no penis mama”

Oh if only I had a video camera built in to my glasses or something.

Happy half-Birthday

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Lauren is 4.5 and she’s VERY into being “and a half!” though she really wishes she could be 5 like some of her friends who are having parties now.

We’ve had a busy summer. Last week we spent the week in Ohio with Ryan’s family, his brother and family came back from 3 years of overseas living in Tel Aviv, and we took all the kids (2.5, 4.5, newly 5 and newly 8 ) to Cedar Point for an overnight of rollercoaster fun. The kids did great and the grownups got to ride on some fun rides too.

We recently rehomed Zoe to a wonderful couple on the east end of Ohio, where she is now roaming 10 acres of pet fenced land on a huge 50+ acre farm. We’re thrilled that there is someone out there willing to love her as much as we do, and we’re thrilled to know she’s safe and happy. She and Elliot have really had a hard few months together, and we were finding it much more difficult to rehome Elliot.

Dad has been traveling for work, and Ryan went to Afghanistan right after Easter, the kids and I have only been going to Ohio. We’re hoping to take some sort of trip in the early fall, after school starts, so we can avoid tourists and still enjoy the nice weather.

Mom graduates in December from CSU, she’s pretty excited about that. And Ella is going to be a big sister in the fall too.

Evie is coming here in a few weeks to visit, for a whole week, and Lauren is THRILLED. Though she would prefer visiting at Nonnie’s house and going to Kiddie Park, she’ll be pleased to have company here too.

Not much else is new, we’ve been VERY busy this summer, going back to Ohio for Amy’s dad’s funeral at the beginning of July, tons of park days and playgroups, and general good-weather mayhem.

I’ll be back with pics soon, I have to unload my camera and get the pics online first.