Chocolate and bread!

So, a little more info. That list is pretty long. I didn’t add them all at once, but I’ve been a bit more daring with my foods recently.

We went out of town 5/20 and while we were gone I wasn’t religious about foods, but I tried to be careful. I kept eating oatmeal for breakfast (added oats May 11th) since I was pretty sure that was OK.

The rash from the OJ cleared up pretty quickly, it was bright red diaper rash and it looked like it hurt. On 5/15 I added corn, had a serving with dinner, a serving the next day for lunch, and no reaction. But I understand wheat and corn can sometimes take time to build up in the system before having a reaction.

May 17 was a really bad day. Lauren was just fussy and screaming a lot and refusing to nap, and I was pretty worn down from it all. I was also having company on Weds. afternoon so we were trying to clean up some around the house. I broke down and took a huge bite out of a chocolate bar. Bitter dark ogranic choc, so no dairy or soy or anything else. I had 2 ounces. She was ok the next day so I had 2 more ounces. Then *I* had a reaction! My face broke out and I was hot and flushed, I felt like I had a sunburn. I was also working on the nurse-in and was talking to reporters, so it could have been nerves too.

Still no reaction to chocolate on Thursday, so Thursday night I baked a loaf of bread. I found deli turkey at Trader Joe’s that is nitrate and dairy free (whoda thunkit that deli meat is made w/dairy!) and had a sandwich on Friday. YUM! So wheat was the new food for the weekend.

Like I said, we went out of town, so I was careful but not fanatical. Friday night dinner was on my menu – corn, chicken, yams, etc.
Sat. breakfast was oatmeal, lunch I had a chicken sandwich with lettuce and onion on a regular bun (most “regular” store breads have a trace amount of soy or dairy in them), and french fries w/catsup. Everything was ok. Had some more chocolate too. Dinner was leftovers from the night before, so it was all safe, and I continued to eat my loaf of bread.

Sunday we had a trip to the doggie ER for Zoe, and then we ate out for lunch. The people at Bravo were really accomdodating about making my meal. They grilled all of the veggies w/o sauce or butter, and substituted things as well. I had some lettuce w/vinegar and oil, and grilled asparagus and greenbeans.

No major reactions. Yaay!

Monday 5/23 we went out with Russ and MaryJo, and I had beer battered fish (no dairy in beer batter!) and fries and salad. Again no reaction :)

I got a craving for junk food, and wouldn’t you know it, there is no dairy or soy in McDonald’s fries or the new chicken selects. Since I’d had wheat for a few days w/o any issues, I had junk for lunch. It was Ryan’s birthday so I brought him some junk too. Mmmm!

5/25 I had lunch with Dianna and Mariana at Boston Market. They have turkey, the baked apples are made w/o butter, and I had baked veggies (again, no dairy). The manager was nice and looked up a lot of it for me.

Gosh, I ate out a lot that week. Thursday Amy and I had Panera with the kids at the park. I had grapes for the first time, and I looked on the Panera site for info. Their sourdough is ok, and I’m guessing the turkey deli might have been regular deli, but it didn’t seem to bother Lauren too much. And I had some pickles.

Friday Nona and I had lunch, and again I had beer battered fish (two servings w/o reactions!), more fries, and some salad. I had watermellon at Nona’s house too, which is pretty low on the allergy scale.

5/28 I had canned peaches, no problem. I’ve had fresh ones since then, and it’s all ok with Lauren.

On 5/29 I noticed that the flakey skin on her eyebrows was back but it was pretty mild. I suspect either corn or wheat, but since it’s very mild I’m going to wait and see. It’s not gotten any worse, and not as bad as it was before I started the diet. After I have a little more to eat, I’ll go back and cut out corn for 2 weeks and then if that doesn’t work, I’ll cut out wheat for 2 weeks.

5/30 we had Ryan’s bday celebration with his family. I had some chocolate cake that grandma made. I have no idea what was in the cake, most box mixes have dairy and/or soy in them, and I had some of the icing too, which I’m guessing was a canned icing. Lauren was REALLY spitting up a lot the next day, but didn’t seem to be in pain or have a rash. On 5/31 I had a dessert with cinnamon on it, and although cinnamon is high on the allergen list, she seemed ok.

I still haven’t had melon, strawberries, pork, beef, or eggs. I guess there were probably eggs in the cake, but I haven’t had a serving of eggs.

Lauren was still very spitty on 6/1, but not too fussy. Friday 6/3 we celebrated Ryan and my mom’s birthdays. I had beef for the first time, we had steak fajitas made with flank steak. I also had cake, but no icing this time. Ate the leftover fajitas for lunch the next day, no major reactions!

I’ve had a lot of Trader Joe’s and Giant Eagle (Nature’s Basket) turkey sandwiches recently. It’s nice to make some toast and have a sandwich.

Organic raisins are made w/o nitrates too. So they are just dried grapes. I have dried apples here too. Nice to snack on. Almost like eating junk food.

Over the weekend I had a chicken and herb sausage that had a pork casing. Lauren wasn’t really thrilled with that. I suspect it’s the pork as I’ve cooked with the herbs that were in it before. I also had some bacon on Sunday, and that was ok, so I wonder if it’s cured vs. uncured meat?

6/7 we had lunch at Nate’s Deli, a Middle Eastern place downtown. I had a chicken and garlic sandwich that had mayo, and hummus, and everything was ok. Tabulee salad too, yaay!

6/8 I ate 1/2 a bowl of Mexican Meatball Soup, which has pork and beef and salsa in it. Lauren was really fussy on Thursday but was not spitting up tons, so again, I think it is pork. We’re going to put pork in the reaction list for now, we’ll reinvestigate it later.

6/9 we had flank steak sandwiches, with onion and bell peppers. Yummy. So far, so good. Also had a bit of melon.

I bought some new produce yesterday – cherries and raspberries. I really want to try both, but should do it one at a time. Maybe raspberries tonight for dessert.

The chiropractor also says that Lauren’s back is really in better shape. Lauren used to fuss a bit when she worked between her shoulder blades, but she’s ok with it now. She isn’t giggling when that part of her back is touched, but she’s not fussing either. Progress is a good thing!

Ryan, Zoe and Lauren just went out for a walk. I’m going to sit quietly and eat raspberries until they return.

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