Red berries

Well Lauren has another reaction. Grr!

Friday night I had a bowl of raspberries. Saturday she did not poo. One of the signs of a reaction is that she gets well, I don’t want to say constipated becuse that’s not what it is, but delayed? Yah delayed is more like it. She’s a regular kind of gal. When things are going well, she’s going every morning.

So I think it might have been the raspberries. That’d be a really bad thing for me, since I love raspberries more than any other fruit.

Saturday I had some low-fat Oreo’s. I really don’t like to eat things that are called “low-fat” because that means that on top of being junk food, the people had to do something to them to make the unhealthy people want to eat them. They aren’t so bad, and I wanted some junk food. Low-fat Oreo’s are the only ones made w/o dairy or soy. Well, that’s not true, the “Uh Oh!” ones are w/o dairy too, the ones that are chocolate filling and white cookies. But I can’t seem to find them in the stores I go to.

But I think it might have been the raspberries.

I also think Lauren reacted to the cantaloupe I had on Wednesday. I would have totally missed this reaction EXCEPT for the fact that we are taking her potty. Usually she stays dry all night. She’ll wake up every 3-4 hrs. to nurse, and when she wakes, she goes “meep” and then gives a little warning cry after the “meep” cry before she pees. Usually this is more than enough time for me to wake up, grab the little potty by the bed, and get her diaper off and put her on the potty. Well she woke up to nurse soaking wet every time she woke on Wednesday night.

I ran through all the reasons why this might have happened – maybe I was too tired and slept through the “meep” or maybe the pressure of sleeping on her stomach squished her bladder and made her go. And then I remembered a discussion on my NIH/IPT email group about how some older kids (3-7) had been wetting the bed at night after eating melon. Lauren has been dry at night and using the potty about 95% of the time (yes, that’s only about one wet diaper at night a week) so the all wet all night thing was really unusual. Had I not been on the discussion list I would have never made the connection.

So my summer fruit salad yummies are dwindling down to boring unfruit salad. Right now I’m only eating bananas, pears, peaches, and apples. As soon as the current rash goes away I’ll test out cherries.

You know, I’ve been trying to get a handle on this thing since she was 3 weeks old. I started logging a food diary in my planner that early, when I noticed she had really really bad days after I had milk. She’ll be 5 months old next weekend. And we’re still learning.

Oh wow, I just had a revelation. Lauren didn’t poo on Thursday either. I was rereading what I had posted before, and I had pork on Weds. night. So, I feel so enlightened, pork is really on the no-no list for now.

Ryan and I have been discussing solids too. “Everyone” has their babies on cereal at 4 months and starting veggies at 5 months. The AAP recommends nothing but breastmilk for the first 6 months and then breastmilk as the primary nutrient for the first year with solids being introduced for learning about texture and flavor. With some help from the La Leche League leaders and our pediatrician, we’ve decided that the best thing for Lauren is to delay solids for as long as possible.

That’s going to be difficult to do – you see, pretty soon she’ll be grabbing food off of our plates and shoving it in her mouth to check it out. And I know our family and friends will give her a lick of something here and there too. BUT every lick of anything increases her chance of developing a serious allergy that will haunt her for life, so I’m going to have to be mama-bear and harass anyone who tries to feed her. Sure, one lick won’t hurt her, but it’s like people who have bee sting allergies. The first sting is ok, sometimes even the second one. But then you get stung and have a life threatening reaction. What a miserable way to live life, knowing you can’t eat some foods.

SO since we know she has problems with dairy, soy, citrus, pork and apparently raspberries, those foods will not be introduced until she is well over a year old. More likely we’ll try and wait until the age of two. There is a whole schedule for introducing babies to foods when you are trying to avoid allergies, and things like grains aren’t introduced until after one year, and peanuts until after three years. Doing this will increase the chances of her not developing food allergies, which is pretty important to me.

Some first foods include rice and millet (which she’s ok with when I eat), yam, squash, potato, pear, peach banana, turkey and breastmilk. Wait, that looks like the diet I was on when we did the Total Elimination.

After that is oats, green beans, carrots, grapes, apples, raisins, chicken, and more breastmilk.

Way after a year is barley, rye, corn, wheat, pineapple, plums, prunes, peas, spinach, cucumber, lettuce, and egg.

Finally, citrus, pork, processed dairy (yogurt and cheese), citrus, berries, melon, sunflower butter, and white fish.

And the latest last on the list, soy, milk and ice cream, peanuts, other nuts, chocolate, and seeds, including things like almond butter and other nut butters.

Wow, what a long time to learn to eat foods.

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