Almost 5 months…

So I guess we do a lousy job of keeping people up to date on what Lauren is up to these days.

She can roll from front to back very easily and decided about a week ago that she likes to sleep on her belly. She’ll often turn over at night or during a nap. She can roll back to front, but I think she forgets this, because she’ll roll to her belly and then get frustrated, like she is stuck.

She makes raspberries and motorboat noises, and a breathy “pfffff” when she sits on the potty. We say “psss” to her on the potty as a verbal cue to go, so I think she’s imitating us.

Last week on Weds. she was 16 lbs and 10 oz. naked on the scale at St. John’s. I think she’s over 27″ tall, all torso and not much legs. And so cute.

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