Reflux Sucks

So after waiting for a long time and having to reschedule appointments more than several times, we went to see the pedi GI. I wasn’t really excited about that, but our regular pediatrician felt that Lauren’s reflux had grown beyond the scope of her practice. So we headed out to the east side on my birthday to see the GI.

I must admit, I was pleasantly suprised by the appointment. The staff was quick, friendly, and efficient, and the GI was very pro-breastfeeding. Frequently the GI will suggest going to a hypoallergenic formula to eliminate as many variables as possible, but when she asked about if I had eliminated any foods (specifically dairy and soy) to see if it helped, I told her all about the elimination diet and that we knew she seemed to react to more than just dairy and soy. Because I had done that already, she didn’t even offer the special formula, she instead told me that I could go ahead and breastfeed without solids until 12 months if I wanted, because “that is all the baby needs, it has everything in it for her health” which was really neat to hear coming out of the mouth of a doctor!

Anyhow, we plan to add solids before a year, if only because Lauren really loves to shove stuff in her mouth. She gets really mad if we are eating in front of her and she doesn’t have something to stick in her mouth. Of course she’s perfectly content with a spoon, toy, or cup at this point, so we’ll just keep her content for now.

The GI suggested waiting until 2 years or never to introduce dairy, as well as any other foods she seems to react to when she starts eating them herself. She also gave me a reference to a sequence of introducing solids that is very close to the list I was working from. So that’s good too.

The bad news is that Lauren had a “normal” spitup while we were there – it was small compared to what she was doing, but the doc said “Wow, she’s a regular little fountain, isn’t she?” and continued to ask me questions about her fussy times, spitting up, etc. and told me that Lauren is still way outside the norm for what babies do. She suggested doing an upper GI scan at Children’s and changing her medicine from Pepcid to Prevacid. She gave me a prescription to get the solutabs, which is the “kids” version of prevacid. Lauren didn’t like them too much, she began spitting up and fussing a lot more than usual about 20 min. after taking one dose. She had a repeat performance in the morning, so I called the GI back. We’ve switched to the “adult” capsules now, which means Lauren has to swallow the little beads of medicine, and that’s working ok. We have yet to see good results, but they say it takes a week to kick in. More on Friday about that.

Lauren also figured out how to navigate all over the bed and floor, she kind of wiggles, shoves, and inches her way to go. It’s really fun to watch, she gets her knees up under her and now she’s froggy kicking forward and repeating, moving pretty quickly for a kid who can’t really crawl. Ryan and I are worried that she’ll really be independently mobile far too soon for our tastes.

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