More food issues…

Well things are going pretty well. Lauren is now a week away from being 7 months old, and is thriving on breastmilk as her food. She’s over 18# and the Prevacid seems to be working well for her.

Sad for me, she reacted to watermelon (had already reacted to cantaloupe, so this eliminates all melons for me now) and peanut butter. Reacting to peanut butter is a bad thing, we will have to watch her very carefully when we start giving it to her, and the suggestion is to wait until at least 3 years old before introducing nuts of any sort.

I met with a nutritionist to make sure I was getting everything I needed, and she gave me a few ideas of new things to try as well as some prepackaged convienence foods that I can eat as well. Generally I’m getting all the vitamins and minerals I need, so that’s a good thing.

We’re going to try pineapple soon. I love pineapple!

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