No no no no no ….

That’s what I hear. “No no no no no no no” as she crawls after the dog. I don’t think she understands what “no” means, but it’s all we say to Zoe anymore. No when she growls because Lauren is pulling her tail. No when she gets on the couch. No when she wants to eat all the food on Lauren’s tray. No when she’s just looking for a little attention. And Lauren caught on fast.

But in even bigger communication advances, Lauren signalled loud and clear to go potty tonight during dinner. Ryan took her, and when she was done, he spoke a long muttering about how DairyQueen softserve will never look the same again. Better that than cleaning her bottom and washing diapers, says me.

And finally, after only 3 days of signing it to her, Lauren emphatically signed “finished” during dinner tonight. Ryan tested her a bit by offering her a bite of food, and she frantically waved her arms while signing to show she was serious. Smart baby!

She understands the signs for milk, eat, potty, diaper, dog, finished, but has only signed milk and finished back to us so far. She did copy me on eat and dog, but has not initiated those yet.

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