Climbing small mountains

I was just sitting here writing an email back to Diana about Mari learning to crawl today and I looked up from the laptop to find my daughter eye to eye with me. It’s a bit unnerving when your 30″ tall child is level with your eyes and she was playing on the ground.

Turns out that she decided today would be a good day to master climbing. She’s been crawling over 6″ tall objects for a while now, and occasionally standing on them while holding on to something like a table.

We bought Lauren this cool green rocking toy from IKEA and Ryan really loves to turn it upside down and take her on flying space journies in it. Lauren really likes the rides too and often turns the rocker upside down and tries to climb in.

Well the toy has been living next to the coffee table in the middle of the living room floor when it’s not busy flying around, and today Lauren managed to climb up on top of it and pull herself up on the coffee table. When I looked she was balanced precariously on the rocker with both feet and grabbing at a water bottle on the table. Once she got the bottle she crawled up on the table to sit down and look around.

I fear the next year. I think we need to invest in a house with padded walls and no furniture or bolt the shelves to the walls.

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