Tikka tikka

Lauren also says “tikka tikka” and looks at you in anticipation and waits patiently to be tickled. She’s especially ticklish under her chin and on her belly, and giggles and says “tikka tikka” again.

She also growls. One day last week during dinner she looked at Ryan and went “Grrrrrrr!” and he growled back. It’s become a nightly ritual for them, growling during dinner as they eat their food. She now varies her growl sounds and tries to growl while she is nursing, which tickles me and when I laugh she growls more.

So, language development is cool. She understands many more signs than I give her credit for, and she is consistently signing a few things to us and saying “nummy yummy yummy” for food, saying “no no” while she shakes her head, and asking for tickles.

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