Birthday and beyond

Lauren turned one last Wednesday. We celebrated by taking a cake to SJWS and sharing it with our friends. We ate all of it, and Ryan was sad when there wasn’t any left for him.

We also had lunch with some friends (babies and mommies) and a quiet nap in the afternoon. Lauren and I went to a meeting in the evening and stopped in to see Nono and Gianni before coming home and going to bed.

Baby stats: Lauren weighed in at 21 lbs, 11 oz, and tall (no idea how tall!) on her birthday.

Lauren was also baptized on Sunday (1/22/06) at St. Rocco’s in Cleveland. She wore Nono Louie’s gown and was really good during mass. There was a tiny baby there as well.

Birthday Party
And we celebrated her birthday and baptism with a big party at Bain Cabin. Everyone who is anyone came, and ate lots of cake after watching Lauren smash her cake to bits. Video coming soon, just as soon as I can get it off of my camera.

New things
Lauren can climb on to the chairs now, and from the chairs she gets on top of the end tables. She did this the other day while I wasn’t looking, and I heard things falling to the floor and looked and she was sitting up there throwing things off.

She’s signing more words and imitating the noises we make, and she loves to pick up the telephone and say “hiiiiii” to us. And she loves to sing and dance!

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