Trivial Pursuit

It’s 2:00 and we are playing Trivial Pursuit Junior. It’s full of questions like “What city do the Simpsons call home?” and “What should you drink when you exercise?” The kids just love it. They love it so much that we’ve been playing for over an hour. Bob was reading the questions to them (since most of them can’t read) and he got tired of it, so he just gave the cards to one of the kids to read. This kid can read words really well, but he doesn’t really understand what he is reading. Every question is being read, not just the right category, and then when someone answers, he yells out, “Yeeesssss!” and high fives someone on the team that answered, regardless of the answer being right or wrong. He is also in charge of awarding points for the correct answers. There are lots of extra points on the guys side of the board.

Earlier, we tried to play as teams. Boys against girls. That’s how we got into the point thing. DG, who can not read his own name, was able to tell us the last 5 presidents. He also told us that TV is made up of the colors Red, Blue, and Green. Amazing the things these kids have in their heads. RC was also particularly helpful today. Her team got the question about what you drink during exercise. She looked at another student on her team and said, “Is it coke or is it water? Pick the right answer!” even though she wasn’t able to give the correct answer when it was her turn to answer that question. Other great answers today included the amazing facts that the pilgrims landed in Ohio, Bart Simpson’s sisters are Lisa and Bart, the Cat in the Hat’s hat is red and black and gray stripes, and in the song “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” a star looks like the night, not a diamond, in the sky.

I love playing games…

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