Happy Birthday Lauren!

My baby is two years old today. We’ve called a lot of people on the phone today to sing Happy Birthday over and over again. We called Nonno, Nonnie, Nona, Uncle John, Cole, and they all sang to Lauren… even Uncle John sang from his desk at work. Mommy and Daddy can only sing it so many times before their jaws are too tired. Tonight we will call Grandma, Grandpa and Alanna, and hope they sing for us too!

This morning Lauren woke with a muffled “heewwwwwwwppppp” sound coming from her bedroom. When she finally got her door open, she had a baby doll in one arm, a stuffed dog in the other, and another dog hanging from her mouth. Apparently they were all too precious to put down to open the door. :)

So we’ve been having an “anything Lauren wants to do” day (within reason). We filled the bathtub with bubbles and played for a long time this morning, had “yellow juice” and applesauce (and eggs) for breakfast, went shopping with the kid size cart (thanks Daddy for showing her that one) at Trader Joe’s, had lunch and then an entire container of raspberries and some cookies for our snack. We’re currently watching “Toy Story” and torturing poor Zoe on the couch.

Mommy and Daddy gave Lauren a kitchen set in her bedroom (pictures soon!) and we’ve played with that a lot today too.

Dinner is just about ready, and it’s pizza night (sans cheese), followed by Farble Mudge cupcakes and fruit sorbet (raspberry I think), and Daddy will put Lauren to bed tonight.
You’re only two once!

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