Possessed or Just Two

At the moment there is a toddler with a purple playsilk over her head singing, “In the jungle lion sleeps to in jungle lions sleeeps toooooo” while she “rollerskates” on popcorn kernels. Now she’s singing, “got a friend in me, yes you do, got a friend in me, yes you do, you got a friend in me yes you do…”

I didn’t sleep very well last night, and Lauren woke up on the wrong side of the bed. We had a rough morning, and then went shopping just to get out of the house. We managed to stock up on Play-Doh and breathe some fresh air before coming home for lunch and a nap. In an effort to maintain my sanity we’ve watched TV and “cooked” some popcorn for a snack while watching Toy Story.

Oh yah, the popcorn kernels. That’s where I was going. While I was on the phone with someone from Toledo Children’s Hospital I heard this raining sound… and well, it was the sound of a beautiful fast rain, the kind that cleans cars and streets and makes me smile – until I realized it was popcorn. The entire tub, nearly 1/2 gallon, on the floor. Little tiny popcorn kernels… making little tiny raindrop sounds as they hit the floor and scattered all over.

And they are still on the floor. Why? Because it’s fun. Lauren is rollerskating, making little piles of them, sweeping them up with the broom, and probably scattering them to every corner so that we’ll be finding them for years to come. But that’s ok, because I’m really very tired and she’s really very busy without needing me for a few minutes.

Can I rent a maid and a nanny and take a nap now?

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