I want coffee!

After lunch today Lauren was running around drinking her juice and playing, and I sat down on the couch with a cup of coffee… she looked at me with BIG eyes and walked over and stood very quiely and stared at me. And kept staring. And then as quiet as a mouse, she whispered, “I want coffee,” and I shook my head NO. The rest of our conversation went something like this:

*whispering* I want coffee.
*shake head no*
*whispering* I waaaaant coffeeeeeeeee.
*shake head no*
*WHISPERING* I waaaaaaaaaaaaaant coffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeee!
*shake head no*
*talking softly* I want coffeeeeeeeeeeee!
*shake head no*
*talking* I want coffFEEEEEEE!
*whispering* NO not now.
*talking* I WANT coffeeeeeeeee!
*talking* no
*talking* not right now

By this point I had finished my cup, so I gladly handed it over. She was thrilled and said, “thank you!”

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