So our tiny little apartment is painted in “contractor white” – which I think is just one step above primer in the realm of paint. I’d like to paint a few walls here, but not entire rooms, and not with anything bright like Lauren’s bedroom was in Ohio, since we’ll have to unpaint it all before we move.

I really love the yellow we had in the living room in Ohio, and I think it would work really well on the small walls in our living/dining room here too, so maybe in a few weeks I can talk Ryan into helping me paint it (*ahem* he’ll paint while I supervise). In the meantime, I’ve been busy adding as many pictures and frames and prints to the walls as I can, since a little spackle will fix the nail holes in all the walls.

Poor Lauren, she has this very adult set of bedding (it was our master bedroom set before we bought the king size bed) that is lilac and well, not very fun if you are two. She doesn’t seem to mind much, but add that to a boring “contractor white” room with one window and not much furniture, and it’s not really a happy place to play.

So tonight I framed a ton of photos that Ryan and I have taken in the last few years.. some usual and some unusual, from all over the world. There are pictures from Hawaii and Ohio, Kansas, Germany, Colorado, Wyoming, and who knows where else!

If you’d like to see the real image on any of these, I’ll have to set up some links. I know there is a way! The only picture we didn’t take is the one of Ryan in the red frame when he was little. When I ask Lauren who is in the picture, she says it’s Lauren. :)

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