MILK – it doesn’t do Lauren’s body good

Our house has been dairy, soy, and peanut free for a long time, with the exception of cheese and ice cream that Ryan keeps hidden in the fridge. I made Lauren some soup for lunch two days ago – creamy tomato from Trader Joe’s, which was moved here from Ohio in a box, and we’ve had for a long time on the shelf. Since everything in the house is dairy free, I didn’t check the package ingredients. We’ve had creamy tomato soup before that is dairy free, though it was a different brand.

In any case, this creamy tomato soup is a milk based soup. Heated, with some veggies and noodles for Lauren, she had maybe 3 bites of it before I realized the problem and stole her bowl back (which made her rather angry I might add!). So in total, maybe 1 tsp. of milk-based tomato soup. And within a few hours she was telling me her stomach hurt, after dinner she had terrible gas, the type that makes frat boys proud. The next morning she had a foul diaper that Ryan described as “just not right” when he cleaned her up. She has also been having terrible behavior issues – hitting, screaming, unable to nap, restless at night, etc.

It’s not been a fun couple of days here. She hasn’t had any dairy exposure since she climbed up on Nona’s table and had a finger full of “yummy that ice cream good!” soft butter from the butter dish. People keep asking me when I’m going to give her milk, telling me that she must have outgrown it by now, but honestly, if a tiny bit of milk-based soup makes her have abnormal bowel movements, stomach ache, and behavior and sleep problems, why would I even think of giving her some milk in a glass?

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