Little Mommy

Lauren is a very good mommy to her toys. She puts a few very special ones in her sling or wraps them in blankets and carries them around the house to take care of them. Her current favorites are “Doggie” – a stuffed reindeer that Aunt Alanna gave to Lauren for Christmas (those antlers are really just an extra set of hands on his head if you ask her), “Rabbit” – a floppy bunny from a family friend when she was born, and “Light the Queen” – a red Playskool car that has a strange resemblance to Lightning McQueen from the movie CARS. Light the Queen is a $1 store toy, something we picked up on the way to Hawaii to play with on the plane, I figured $1 toys wouldn’t be a big deal if they got lost.

She takes these toys and stuffs them in her sling, and yesterday she asked me to help her put the sling on her back, since I carry Elliot there when we are out in the neighborhood and taking the bus to the aquarium. I helped her get Light the Queen back there, and she did this little hop-jiggle-dance to help him settle down and go to sleep. She’s also very careful to wrap them in her playsilks and blankets, and carries them carefully around and talks to them.

This morning I overheard her talking to Queen, she said “It’s ok Buddy, I gotcha,” which is a clear echo of Ryan’s “It’s ok Buster, I’ve got ya.”

We’re all sick here too, ugly colds that are slow to start and slow to leave. I’ve been feeling cruddy since Friday, Elliot since Sunday, and Lauren since yesterday morning. Hopefully it’ll be a shorter cold for them than it has been for me. A week of yuck is no fun.

In happier news, we’re going to Ohio next week. I’ll be flying in on Thursday 4/5 with both kids (wish me luck!) and Ryan will drive in on Saturday with the van and the dog. We’ll be in town through the following Sunday, when Elliot and I will fly home and Lauren will drive with her Zoe-doggie and Daddy. Poor kid will be without her DVD player though, as it was stolen when someone bashed in my van window a few weeks ago. It was $180 to repair the window, it’ll be at least another $180 to replace the DVD player, and the worst part is they ate my cookies! They also snagged my cell phone charger and Ryan’s wiring harness, as well as all the cables and accessories to the DVD player, but left behind a checkbook, some cash, and some very expensive car seats. And *grumble grumble* they ate my cookies!

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