It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. The kids are doing well, Lauren is VERY much a two year old, and Elliot is just so much fun!

At the end of July we met up with a bunch of our online friends (yes, the people my mother warns me about.. the ones who will bodychop me and steal my babies..) and we had a blast. See mom, the internet isn’t all about big 400 lb men named Stan who sit around pretending to be women on the internet!

Lauren had a BLAST playing with the boys, she’s just a week or two younger than the oldest ones, and almost a year older than the youngest ones.

The weekend before that Elliot and I attended the La Leche League International conference here in Chicago. It was one exhausting weekend.. we had our friend Laura from Boston come to visit as well, and we were downtown from early in the morning until late each day, riding the bus back and forth, and being mom AND learning all that great information was just too much for me to handle, my brain went into serious overload and I still wake up in the middle of the night going “A-HA!” over something I learned.

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