Learning like a sponge

Last night Lauren finally mastered the trike. She’s been doing little bits here and there – a few feet, then getting frustrated or not able to push the right pedal down. Last night she rode her bike from our house to “the blue lights” (a fountain with runway-esque blue lights around it) and home again, with help only when I insisted on holding the parent pushbar thing to cross streets. She biked about a mile.

This morning she’s mastered lacing beads. Last night she was making bead towers (my beads are spheres, cubes, and cylinders) with them, some 15 or more “blocks” high, and I showed her what the laces in the box were for. Today she is wearing her first necklace made from 1″ wooden beads.

Elliot looks different to me today. Not sure what is different, but he is. And I’m feeling really calm and peaceful. I think having spent the last 3 weeks as a family has really helped. Ryan has been going back to Ohio so much on the weekends to work on the house, and being mom all day while he works, and all night, and then being a single parent on the weekends has really gotten me stressed. 3 weekends ago we were in Ohio, last weekend he stayed here, and this weekend he was on-call, so he had to stay again. Next weekend my friend Liz and I are going to team up with our husbands out of town. Her son is a few months younger than Lauren, and her #2 is due at the beginning of October. Her husband is going to visit friends, and Ryan is going to Ohio.

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