He’s going to eat me!

So this week has been BUSY. Really busy. Ryan was gone last weekend from Friday night until Sunday night, and Lauren and I decided it would be fun to pick him up on Sunday on the train instead of in the car. She and I rode the El for 3 hours (Elliot tagged along too!) from the park to downtown to the airport and back again. Lots of different trains, great fun. And all for the low low cost of $2.

Monday was the holiday, and we really just vegged out. On Tuesday we went to the Cityslingers playgroup at the park, which is one of my favorite places to play since Lauren can’t get away and can’t get hurt, which means I can hang out on the bench with the other moms and chat.

Wednesday morning we went to the LLL meeting, which was CRAZY busy and loud, then lunch, and then we met up with Diana and Mari at the green market (organic foods in the park), and the Nature Museum. A little car nap here and there, and a quick trip across town to pick up our CSA share, we hit the park by Ryan’s office (our usual Weds. playtime with Liz and Zane) but it was raining HARD so we ended up going home instead. L O N G day.

Thursday we went down to IKEA – it’s not difficult to get me to go to IKEA, but on Thursday there was also a babywearing meeting in the conference room. So we went, hung out at the meeting, practiced putting Elliot on my back in the purple wrap, had lunch with all the moms and kids, and did some shopping. I think I’ve got all the Christmas presents we will need for the kids now.

On Friday I rested. A little. Friday night BOLD Chicago presented Birth, the play, and Elliot and I have been volunteering with ICAN and have been involved in the play all summer. It was a fabulous performance. If there is a show near you, I can’t promise that it will be as stunning and awesome as ours was, but it is really worth going to see.

Today is Saturday, and Ryan and Lauren are going to leave at lunchtime to go “camping” – they are going to go to the John Deere Museum for a few hours and then sleep in the tent at a KOA, and come back tomorrow afternoon. Elliot and I have more Birth performances tonight and tomorrow afternoon, and we’re considering going to the kids resale today.

Lauren picked her clothes out the other day, and this is what she decided to wear. The dress is a 24m, so she needed the shorts (I had to convince her of that) and she also added green sunglasses, a mauve shoe and a ruby slipper. Stunning.

Elliot is also quite the ham, as seen below :)

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