It’s Sunday

I talked to Lauren on the phone this morning, she was eating cinnamon rolls in the tent with Daddy at the time, and was making quite the sticky mess. I asked her what she did yesterday, and her answer was, “I went in the car with daddy and we went something” – something is the magic word she uses when she doesn’t know the name of what she wants to tell me. She calls her vitamins “somethings” and the cinnamon rolls were “somethings” for a few days until she learned the word. Well this time, the “somethings” were tractors.

Ryan took her to the John Deere Museum to play. And she told me they were all GREEN tractors. And that she played on them and touched them and drove them. Lucky girl.

Elliot is here with me, and we’ve been on-the-go all weekend. My allergies are awful this week too, so I’m pretty miserable. Elliot is a trooper though, hanging out with me late at night at BOLD Chicago and smiling like a star at all the strangers. He has two teeth now too! One of them cut last weekend, and the other was less than a week behind.

Lauren got her teeth in sets of 6. Her bottom 2, then top 2, then the second set on the bottom all came in very quickly, then she took a break, then the other top 2, and all 4 first molars flew in. Another break, then the canines. She’s just now getting her 2nd molars. We’ll see if he follows that pattern. I’m pretty sure she had those first 6 in about a 4-5 week span.


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