It’s quiet in here. Really really quiet.

Lauren and Elliot are both napping. Lauren went to sleep around 2, Elliot around 2:30, which means that either and both will likely be up VERY soon. But it also means that I’ve been able to read my email and knit and pack in quiet for well over an hour.

Packing is insane, mostly because Ryan seriously underestimates how much STUFF we have and Lauren likes to help a little too much. My biggest problem right now is lack of containers to pack things into. We’re using our suitcases, and our laundry baskets, and garbage bags for the clothing, and we have a few storage containers and boxes as well. I really think we’re going to need to empty these all out and start again, and then again.

Lauren is excited – Grandma and Papa are coming to visit us on Friday and help us move the furniture. We’ll spend Friday night here, move everything on Saturday morning, and sleep in our beds in the new place on Saturday night. Sunday is for unpacking and Monday is too.

Elliot is moving around now, not really crawling, but he does manage to get across the room pretty quickly. It’s a pull, flop, reach, push, pull, reach, flop type of movement, and then he can sit up, pivot around, and head the other way.

Lauren is very much into “test the rule” as all good toddlers do. If the rule is “markers are for paper” then she has to test that – “can I put the marker on my body?” NO. “How about on the floor?” NO. “The couch?” No. “This junk mail?” OK. “This mail that I think is junk but really isn’t?” NO. “How about this laptop?” NO. “This coloring book?” YES. And on and on and on we go all day long.

Aaaah learning is fun.

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