We moved!

Yes folks, we’re once again suburbanites. One year in the big city and we’re out again. We now live in the Village of Bloomingdale, which is more west and a bit north of downtown Chicago by about 25 miles.

We had been living in the 2nd floor of a 3 flat, 2 bedroom 2 bath, 1000 sf apartment in the city, with street parking and high crime in the area. It was a nice little place with no storage and very little human contact, but it was also on the bus route to the museums, which is a wonderful wonderful thing when you have babies and kids to amuse.

We now are renting a 2 bedroom townhouse that is right on a hiking path around a pond, with a nearby pool and park, and a finished basement… which means TONS of storage and play space for the kids. It feels much nicer here. It’s very very quiet at night, and I don’t miss the 4am produce delivery trucks that rumbled past my window every day, or the firehouse construction across the street. We have a little patio in the front and another one in the back, and this great trail to walk on, and a garage and lots of parking and so much more.

I really did enjoy living in the city, and would have liked it a lot more if we had moved to a family friendly neighborhood instead of one that was just developed in an abandoned area of town. Ryan isn’t a city kid though, and the change in his attitude about life since we signed our lease is amazing. I don’t think he gave the city a fair shot either, but when you’re working full time and spending weekends in Ohio, it’s hard to really do that.

The kids are sleeping right now, which is why I’m able to type more than three sentences at once. When they wake up I might drag the stroller upstairs and take them on a walk around the pond. I understand it’s exactly a mile walk, which I would like to be in the habit of doing everyday.

Ryan is currently on one long trip – his parents were here to help us move this weekend, and they had to stop at O’Hare to get tickets to go home, but they were flying out of Midway. So he went from here to one airport and then to another, and then back to the city condo to get more stuff, and he’ll hopefully be back here soon. I think he needs to do one more trip tonight and hopefully we can figure out a way to get everything else out here before the cleaning lady comes on Tuesday.

I’ll post pictures soon. We need a little more furniture. Goodwill here I come!

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