Life, Death and Turkey

Well we’ve been gone for 10 days, visiting Ohio for Thanksgiving. It was exhausting and crazy and a little bit of fun tossed in to keep me busy.

We arrived at Mom’s on Friday night, just in time to play a little and go to bed. On Saturday I ran errands (kids resale, Mary’s for shoes, etc.) and did generally boring things. Nic and Gabs slept over, as did Evie. Same with Sunday, we just hung out and played with family.

On Sunday night Lauren puked roast beef and potato dinner in the bed. Gross.

Mom took Elliot, I stripped down Lauren, the bed, and myself, and we all got in the shower. Dad got home from his weekend in Cinci just in time to rescue a shrieking screaming Lauren from the shower. Predigested food mashed into hair is NOT a fun thing to wash out. She continued to puke all night long. I got really good at flipping her gurgling self over onto a towel or blanket, wiping her down and getting us back to bed between nursing Elliot and trying to sleep. Monday was a long, mostly quiet, day.

On Monday night I went to the DFB meeting and found out that a bunch of my friends are pregnant. Spring and summer are going to be full of new babies in our group. And then Monday night Elliot puked. Oh joy. Tuesday Lauren started pooping. You see how my week is shaping up, eh? Thankfully my dad was in the right groove, and he managed to keep one load of laundry ahead of me all night every night, there was a constant stream of clean towels and sheets and blankets coming my way.

Ryan arrived on Tuesday night, and on Weds. morning he discovered that Lauren didn’t quite make it to the bathroom, and we scrubbed our first carpet of this illness. Thank goodness for Turkey!

Thursday was chock full of family and food and more, and enough turkey to feed a small country or two.

On Friday we avoided going out, and did not shop. It was nice. Friday night I learned that my friend Laura passed away on Tuesday night or early Weds. and as of yet there is no known cause. She was 35, and a mother of two beautiful girls. We became friends while we were pregnant, her daughter Megan was born at 25 weeks gestation, a tiny itty bitty babe who has proven the world wrong countless times. Megan was due around Lauren’s birthday, and was born in October instead. She’s three now, and has wowed and amazed all her doctors – she’s “perfectly normal” – nobody can find one lasting problem from her super early birth. Kaitlyn is her older daughter, and is an intense girl, both of them are so full of life.

And I found out that on Weds. my chiropractor friend (Mama Allison, as she’s known to Lauren) gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Paisley, at home with her family and friends to support her. Her husband even blogged about it as it happened. On Tuesday Lauren told me that Allison had “nice milks” which is a good thing when you have a new baby to feed!

Lauren went bowling for the first time on Saturday, for Natalie’s 4th birthday, a princess party. She had a blast, and thankfully both kids seem to be over the crazy illness. Sunday rounded out our trip with breakfast with Doug and Donna, a quick visit with my ILs, and a long drive home in the wet rainy snow.

In other news, we’re back in Chicago now, in a new house full of boxes needing to be unpacked. I fear it’ll be weeks and months of unpacking. If we’re done by Christmas I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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