A big recap of recent stuff

Lauren and Ryan and the dog are in Ohio today, and Elliot is napping, so I have a little time on my hands to avoid doing any significant housework…

In recent news, Zoe is still afraid of storms and loud noises. She’s taken to this duck as her own personal security blanket.

We’ve also started walking to the local grocery twice a week, it’s good uhm.. exercise for me. The stroller rolls really nicely, the kids weigh about 60 lbs combined, and we typically load the stroller AND the saddlebags (which aren’t on there in this pic) with our REUSABLE bags, not the plastic ones. But this pic was funny because Lauren has the watermelon under her legs.

Lauren had 12 weeks of a really fun set of gymnastics classes, but Elliot was the one to conquer the bar.

Elliot and Gella had a ton of fun splashing last weekend. They are 15 months old in this pic.

When I was a kid I would frequently ask Santa to give me a cage with a key so that I could lock my brother inside. Imagine, my dreams came true, a generation late.

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