Carl the Dog

Lauren asked me to read a book to her, and she handed me “Good Boy, Carl” from the shelf. I opened it and was ready to read when she yelled at me to “No no, ask me the questions!” which after a little negotiation and questioning, I realized meant she wanted me to prompt her to tell me the story, since it is a picture book and she can “read” every word.

So, page 1, the title page…

Me: who’s this?
L: That’s Waldron (she pointed to Carl)
Me: and who is the baby?
L: That’s Elliot in the red shirt (he is wearing red today)
*turn page*
L: See Waldron runs out of the room and goes and gets the baby out of his cage.
Me: and then what?
L: The baby climbs out of the cage and hugs the dog for saving him.
Me: Why was the baby in the cage?
L: Because the mean mama put him in there.
Me: What is he doing in there?
L: He’s crying and being sad. The dog makes him happy though.
Me: Oh. What else?
L: They go make a big mess in the house and eat milk and salami and cookies.
Me: What happens next?
L: The Waldron licks the Elliot baby and makes him swim with the fishies.
Me: Oh that’s fun, that’s like a big pool.
L: No mama, it’s a FISH BOWL and smells yucky.
Me: ah, what else?
L: The dog makes the baby go in his cage and cleans the house fast so mama doesn’t see it.
Me: and what else happens?
L: The end!
*throws book back on shelf*

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