Too busy to blog?

We’ve been pretty busy. Ryan’s been traveling to Yuma, AZ a LOT in the last few months for work on a project. If all goes well his last trip there for a while will start this week and end 10/4. Yes, he gets to celebrate our 5th anniversary by flying half way across the country on a plane. MFC hired another “new guy” to do the work downtown that Ryan finds the least enjoyable (well the work is fun, some of the people not so fun) and hopefully he works out better than the last “new guy” who only lasted a few months before being banned from the building dowtown.

We were just in Ohio to celebrate with Nic’s family – a kitchen shower – as John and Nic are planning to be married on 10/11 in Florida. Unfortunately, we, like many other people in both families, won’t be able to make the trip with them, as much fun as it sounds. Aunt Jean passed away as well, so we stayed long enough to attend her funeral service and see our extended family that we never get to see.

Lauren is struggling with school this year – I think she’s really upset with all the kids who are upset that their moms left. There are 19 kids in her class, a teacher and an aide, and a temporary aide to help get through the first weeks of school as well. Of the 19 kids, at least 6 of them scream hysterically for their mom when they are dropped off. The school policy is to “say goodbye and leave quickly” and then let them deal with the kids, which I am in total disagreement with. Essentially they are promoting letting small (3 yr old) children feel abandoned by the only parent who has taken care of them full time since birth so that they can “get comfortable” with a new caregiver in a strange situation with strange people. Bad idea. And Lauren understands that too. Last year when she started school I would stay with her as long as she needed – the first day we went in when there were no kids there just to check out the space. The second day I stayed for a while, but she said I could go as long as I waited in the hall. Day 3 she let me go pretty quickly, and after that she barely had time to kiss me goodbye when I dropped her off.

This year started much the same way – we went in and played in the classroom with the other children, teachers, and parents for about an hour, then the next day she was just fine – asked me to wait in the hall for 2.5 hrs (Elliot and I went grocery shopping and to the library instead) and was happy as a clam. Day 3 she was fine, day 4 she woke up saying she didn’t want to go to school. I spent 20 minutes that day transitioning her into class, and she reluctantly let me leave. At the end of class that day she said she didn’t like school anymore. We took last week off, secretly I hope the sad kids are doing much better on Tuesday when we go back to school. If they are still screaming and crying, and it’s distressing to her, I’m considering just removing her from school for the year. She doesn’t really need it, though I do enjoy the break, and really, in the long run, I’m not sure that I want her to learn what they are teaching this month – rule following, immediate obedience, and standing in line – all great preparation for the public school environment, all very conforming.

Elliot is making words and signs all the time now, though I don’t understand him most of the time. He’s also BIG – taller than Lauren was at 2, and about 8 lbs lighter than she is now. He’s insisting on doing short sets of stairs standing and holding a rail, and is obsessed with this great gear game we have and anything with wheels. He frequently commandeers strollers from unsuspecting mothers at the playground.

We’re also dogsitting for Greg, which has made it interesting around here, Willie barks at anything and everything – all day long – which gets Zoe barking, and then all the dogs on the street bark all day. And on our street of 10 homes, I think 8 have dogs.

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