Turtles and Peanuts

This week has been really busy with appointments and getting caught up with lots of stuff after being gone for a week.

Lauren had an appointment with the allergist – the primary purpose was to retest her for peanut allergies, and I think our pediatrician referred us to the dumbest allergist ever. Or maybe she is just a drug pusher. Either way, we won’t be going back to her again.

Lauren’s appointment went well, they did a skin test for peanuts which came back with a much less significant welt than it did when she was a toddler. This is good – this means that while she does still have some sort of peanut allergy, it’s not nearly as severe as it could have been/was. She whined the whole time about how her back itched, but we read books and sucked on suckers and all was good.

Ryan was home with Elliot that day, and of course, as luck would have it, every project he was working on in the last few weeks had some sort of emergency he needed to fix right away while on the phone while trying to keep Elliot from screaming.

They also ordered a blood test for Lauren, and I guess little kids have issues with giving blood, because the phlebotomist showed up with a “friend” to help her restrain Lauren to do the draw. I asked them to let me hold her, and she sat calmly on my lap, unrestrained (I didn’t even hold her other arm) while extending her lovely vampire-friendly veins (she got those from me) for her draw. She even remembered to keep her hand in a fist the whole time. The best part, “Look mama, my big red blood goes wooo-wooo-ooooh around the tube into the bottle!”

That’s my girl!

Oh, and she’s 42″ tall and 35.5# if anyone is keeping stats.

The next day was Elliot’s turn, he had his 18 month checkup a little late (seems we always do them a little late…). As usual his head is gigantic, 99.5%ile, and he’s 32.5″ tall and 26#. Nothing new and exciting for him, though his pedi recommended we consider getting his vision tested in the next few months. I have to find out more about that first.

We also found a turtle walking in the street yesterday, just walking along without a care in the world. I picked him up and put him in the car with us, and took him on some errands. Lauren says, “He didn’t look with his eyes,” meaning that he didn’t look both ways for cars before trying to cross the street, “and he might get squished!”

We took him along to the store, post office, and around the neighborhood before putting him down in the grass across the street and chasing him back to the pond. He swam away when he realized he was back to the lake.

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