Care of Magical Creatures

we have one of these
it roars and opens/closes mouth, turns head

So yesterday the kids had the dinosaur in the basement, I think they were trying to dress it up or bounce it on the trampoline.

This morning Elliot was downstairs, found it, and was bringing it back up, yelling “dista! scare ew! heeelp!” (sister, scare you, help), as in, Lauren, this damn dino is heavy, and I can’t say dinosaur, so it’s a “scare you” and will you help me drag it up?

He managed to get it up here on his own. And turned it over and said, “hi butt! scare you butt!” to it.

Then threw it down the basement (carpeted) stairs, “ut oh! hurt! scare ew hurt! hurt, ut oh!” and ran down to check on it. “ew kay?”

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