The aliens have stolen my children.

It’s literally been since they woke up this morning. It’s starting to scare me a little. Or a lot.

This morning they both woke up in a good mood, and both made themselves breakfast (cereal) and cleaned up their dishes too. Then they asked to stay home instead of going to the park where their friends were. They played nicely all day, and only once asked for video/computer time, and when I asked about the park again, they said they really wanted to stay home today.

Lauren didn’t balk at any of my requests today – to pick up a dish on the floor that I knew wasn’t hers, to pick up the play-doh, to run to the basement and grab a few things from me from the pantry, etc. And she did “responsible” stuff too – like put the hairbrush away w/o a prompt (she always leaves it on the living room floor), sharing a snack with Elliot that she made, and put away some of their toys w/o any reminder.

And then when they bathed, they didn’t hose off my bathroom floor, they asked for clothing (they are always naked) and they let me take a 30 min. “nap” in the afternoon. When I got up, Elliot was sleeping (and still wearing his clothes!), and Lauren was playing quietly.

I swear these are aliens and my kids must be somewhere else being held captive!

——————- an hour later ——————–

And the aliens have returned my children. On my way home from Chrissy’s house (dropped off dinner, they have a new baby) I stopped to visit with Sherry (across the street) for a minute, and got home to find my previously calm and clothed children mostly nude and having a guacamole fight. Now they are throwing play-doh containers at each other.

Welcome back to normal.

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