Elliot’s first ambulance ride..

Elliot had a series of seizures that lasted 30+ minutes on Weds. morning. It looked like one long seizure to me, as he was never responsive and there was very little break between them. We have video, yuck! He had another one about 6 weeks ago, which was not as complex, lasted about 15 min total, and he was somewhat responsive during that one. Ryan convinced me that he was sleeping with his eyes open during the first one, he has been known to sleep with one eye open and sleeps deeply, so it made sense at the time. On Weds. he took an ambulance ride to the ER, then again to CDH where we stayed overnight. They did an EEG on Weds. and an MRI on Thurs.

Elliot’s MRI showed a spot (each doc called it something different, one said scar tissue, one said sclerosis, blah blah, I’m going to request the records and see what the report actually says) in the same area of his brain that the EEG showed a slightly slower electrical pattern, so indeed *something* is going on, and it is causing partial-complex seizures. He’s had 2 instances, both early in the morning, which is when the brain shifts from sleep to wake, which can be a trigger. He also had a bout of diarrhea Weds. morning, and it’s entirely possible the dehydration could be the trigger for the seizure, or it could be totally unrelated. He does seem to have vomiting as a post-seizure symptom, though that could also be related to the different meds he was given in the ambulance and ER. Not knowing is so much fun!

The diagnosis is not epilepsy, at least not yet. We were offered meds to control them, and decided to wait and see. The neuro says that because his brain is still growing and changing very rapidly that he has a good chance of outgrowing them, right now he has a 50/50 chance for having another, and if he has another, the risk goes higher for it continuing. We’ve opted for now to wait and see, if he has another we will look closely at the medications, if he has none, we will be thankful. We do have a prescription for a med that will stop a seizure if he does have one again. I’m probably going to seek a second opinion as well, since I found the neuro patronizing, and his specialty is adhd/migraines, not seizures.

Elliot is clingy and whiny today, and we’re all tired, and all thankful for all the support and positive thoughts and prayers that were tossed our way via FB and email the last few days.

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