It’s been a long while since I’ve posted to this blog. Too busy with other things.. anyway, I’ve added a new section called “Pet Peeve”. It’s all about the things of the world that bother me.

So for the first of many things that bother me, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). They have this campaign going on to gangster Schools and Universities into forcing students to use Napster. The big win for universities is the supposed absolution by the RIAA so that the universities don’t get sued for allowing illicit music downloads. The big win for the RIAA and Napster is the constant revenue stream which they will get regardless of if anyone downloads music or not. It says in an article by The Register that “Universities across the country would end up shelling out hundreds of millions of dollars if they paid full price for Napster.” To me this sounds like the RIAA has decided that all must pay for the supposed injustice done unto the Recording Industry as a whole. They’ve already gangstered Penn State and the University of Rochester into accepting this program but, as the article states, “both Penn State and Rochester have admitted to getting steep discounts.” So basically what the RIAA is doing is using these two universities as examples of how great this program is to help fund the RIAA’s bottom line. It’s creative financing at it’s best. The reason I call it creative financing is because over the last few years, the RIAA has been announcing record profits and then coming back to say that they’re losing their shirts because piracy is hurting them so much. As with most other corporate scandals, this scheme is all about greed. Perhaps I should look up “Greed 101″ at my local community college. I must have missed the boat somewhere.

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