People have nothing better to do than..


An article in the Globe and Mail states that Canada Post, the canadian post office, has successfully lobbied a chain of pet food stores. The lobby was to get the stores to stop selling dog biscuits shaped like letter carriers. Apparently Canada Post doesn’t see the humor in the mail carrier like biscuit, especially since there have been some serious dog bites to letter carriers over the summer.

So.. My rant is that people have absolutely nothing better to do than get offended over some dog treat. It seems to me that too many people get their panties in a twist and then must take action to stop the abuse. That is, if you can call it abuse. This is the same thing as the Indians baseball Chief Wahoo debacle several years back. Those people said that Chief Wahoo was demoralizing to Indians. Yeah, Ok! Go back to your minimum wage cleaning service jobs people and start working a little harder so that you bitch a little less.. There! how is that for demoralizing? Don’t bother telling me that I’m insensitive, I already know.. and no, I don’t care.

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