We stayed at Clinton State Park in Lawrence, KS on Friday night. The park is HUGE and was really cool. BUT it started raining at midnight and got windy and rained harder all night. At 8am we decided that we were either going to stay in the tent all day or get really wet, so we ran for it. All night it sounded like we were sleeping in a giant popcorn popper. The rain didn’t stop until mid-afternoon.

We drove from Lawrence to breakfast, then to the Wizard of Oz museum in Wamego. Wamego is in the middle of nowhere, and the museum was hokey but fun. No pictures though, they are pretty protective of their stuff!

We arrived at the Fitzgerald cabin in the woods on Saturday evening – before everyone else did – and they left Cleveland on airplanes on Friday morning! I guess it ended up something like this: Cleveland to Denver flights were all overbooked, so they jumped on a plane to Houston instead. Spent the night there, and then tried to get a plane to Denver in the morning. John got in the jump seat and flew to Denver, Debbie and Alanna went to Colorado Springs, and then Todd, Jen, Patrick and Scott got on a later flight to Denver. There was a rental car in Denver, John got there, drove to Springs, then back to Denver to get everyone else. That’s something akin to driving from Cleveland to Mansfield to Mentor to go to Cedar Point for the weekend.

Saturday night was fairly uneventful, we tried to unload our soaking wet tent and dry our laundry, and called it a night. Sunday we cruised around the neighborhood and rested, and tried to acclimate to life at 10,000 feet. We managed to set up the tent on the porch and get it mostly dry, and Grandma Fitz arrived in her RV. It’s beautiful here, and Ryan wants to build a house with wind power up above the tree line.

Monday the guys decided to do their “manly man” thing and go on a hike. They were dropped off in Vail at 7:00 with backpacks containing water, a sandwich, some trail mix and power bars. They called at noon, saying they had reached the summit and were stopping for lunch. They thought they’d be home in 2 hours. They just came dragging in, and have all crashed on the floor. They walked nearly 16 miles from Vail to home, and lived to tell about it. Tonight we’re going in to Breckenridge to have dinner and see some sights, and tomorrow we’re back on the road again – off to Yellowstone.

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