Seven days to go

Seven days to go and I’ve figured out who I’m voting for; John Kerry. He’s no prize but how long can we keep going like we have been? My number one reason is that I believe that the kidnappings and beheadings will continue if Bush is elected for another four years. It is all too easy to tune out the murders of innocent civilians when they are not your friends or family. The media will tune them out as routine and uninteresting, and hence there will be little reporting of the beheadings over time. They’ve already demonstrated that fact with US Military soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The editor of one local news paper stated, when asked why there is no reporting of those soldiers killed in Iraq or Afghanistan, that their readers are not interested in the reading about the killings day after day. Many of the popular news websites had also stopped reporting when US soldiers were killed. CNN has, at least, maintained a list of each soldier with a picture if possible and a short bio of those killed. For the most part, though, it seems that these fallen soldiers are forgotten and maybe even unappreciated. I suppose it’s human nature to some extent to forget, but still these things are happening. So why are we so interested in shielding the real world from view?

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