I just don’t get it

I really don’t. No, I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about how closed minded people can be. How can people be so naive as to not even tolerate the discussions against their presidential candidate? I always knew that politics could be such a dividing force, but I never really understood it. I was never much of a political person; I just didn’t care.

Given enough time, everyone has many awakenings in his or her life. Some come sooner rather than later, but the opposite is also true. I read an essay the other day that talked about the first amendment and how it doesn’t really apply anymore. The essay cites many examples of free speech not being tolerated. I’m not going to cite them here but if you want to read the essay pick up a copy of “The Longman Reader, sixth edition” and turn to page 606. The essay is titled “Free Speech on Campus”. It goes on to talk about numerous cases where radio DJs, newspaper writers, and even a college professor are silenced when attempting to speak about certain topics because someone might be offended. This begs the question, was the ability to remove oneself from participating in a bothersom situation taken away somewhere along the line? I must have missed when that executive order was issued, probably because I wasn’t following politics then. My stance has always been to exit from the situation if I don’t like it. It applies to conversations, radio shows, newspaper writings, emails, and so on. I have ultimate control of the situation that I am placed in even if someone else placed me in said situation. When I receive an email that I don’t like, I delete it. When I hear a radio conversation that I don’t like, I turn it off. When I read a bothersom newspaper story, I stop reading that story. No one has forced me to participate. Why is it so difficult to just let something go instead of complain about it? Why is it so easy to slam the door shut on conversation when someone says something that is bothersom to another? Have we no respect for those around us?

I just don’t get it.

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