Getting out to vote

We just received what seems like our 6,347th phone call urging us to get out to vote. We’ve had George W. Bush, John Kerry, Bill Clinton, Rudy Jiulliani, Ken Blackwell, and countless other less known people call us to tell us that our vote is important. Some of the above have called multiple times. In years past this would have maybe helped me to get out to vote, but with the election being deadlocked I’m sure to get out and voice my opinion. Things have changed over the years. It used to be that people would go vote if they wanted to vote but now it appears that it’s better to annoy the hell out of everyone. I think the next person to call is going to get an earful, and maybe I’ll even threaten to not vote. I would, of course, still vote but this telemarketing scheme of garnering votes is a bit out of hand. What is going to happen for future elections? SMS messages on my cell phone every 20 minutes urging me to vote? Someone please remind me again why I pay for a home telelphone just to receive voice spam.

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